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Be careful what you wish for. Protestants outnumber Catholics by a longshot in the US. Official religion in public schools *will *be Protestant (and possibly anti-Catholic), except in those few areas where Protestants are almost non-existent. Back when public prayer was organized and mandated in school, Protestant prayers and doctrine threatened to undermine kids’ Catholicism. This is the primary reason Catholics kept their kids out of public school in the first place and started Catholic schools.



Lighten up folks, it is poetic hyperbolie. It isn’t meant to be citations of specific incidents, it is a study in contrast.

And there ARE significant abuses happening in public schools against people of faith. It may not be the rule, but it HAS happened. Just off-hand I can recall hearing issues like these:

  1. Valedictorian was publicly rebuked by an administrator after her address that included references to her faith as a key factor in her life. (I’ve heard of this one happening several times actually)

  2. Student lead faith groups denied the use of school meeting space or student group status, while the same school had granted such status and use to Gay/Lesbian activist groups.

  3. My own high school health class (1986!) included detailed instructions on the function and use of the pill, condoms, IUDs (though they weren’t even on the market in the US at that time!) and spermicide. Although the goal was supposedly instruction in ‘family planning’ no information on NFP was presented other than a single derisive remark about ‘rythym.’

  4. The niece of Martin Luther King was recently DISinvited to speak at a public high school when the administrator found out that the content of her talks on the struggle for civil rights included her personal conviction that abortion on demand is itself a violation of human and civil rights and that its presence in our culture is destructive to to gains made by the civil rights movement.

  5. A local high school recently was taken to task because they had scheduled a Wiccan to come and speak about what Halloween was before it was co-opted by christians. I have yet to hear of a school that invited a priest to come and tell about what Christmas was about before it was co-opted by toymakers…

These are all off the top of my head, no research necessary. I imagine you could drown in a sea of such examples if you went and asked the Thomas More Law Center for some.



There are individual school districts or school boards that pull stunts like you mention. There is a segment of the Christian world who use this type of emotional language to paint every Public School as a fire-spitting demonic haven.

My son’s Public High School for Civics class brings in a Christian minister, a Jewish Rabbi and a Muslim Cleric and gives them each a full class period to teach about their religion. They have an annual Abstinance Week, with pep rallies and activities.

Not all PS’s are evil.


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