New Polish Migration Policy Seen Enshrining Xenophobia

Oh so some of us who live here are still causing problems. We ‘ape-like’ Irish (to borrow from the author of ‘Water-Babies’) are still making a pain of ourselves for example.

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Do East Europeans not have dishwashers? No room for them, I suppose, the kitchen being clogged up with extra sinks.

As to smoking, I gave up the weed when I retired. Idleness is a much better treatment for stress.

Never had a dishwasher, I have an aversion to them. Every person I’ve known has had them breakdown sooner or later and there are only three people here in this household right now, it would seem a pointless luxury. I stopped smoking myself yonks back. Probably 15 or 16 years ago now.

First 5% probably.

Especially the ones in Northern Ireland. It it weren’t for them we would have been free of the evil shackles of the oppressive European Union by now and heading for the sunlit uplands of greatness and world domination. And Boris Johnson would be writing vastly overpaid newspaper columns.

He could finance his ever growing model collection nicely that way. He instead seems to have taken up gardening and growing money trees.

He needs the cash. Unicorns don’t come cheap.

No ciggies. No stogies. No (alas) pipes smoked in this house.

Because books. Value of which adversely affected by smoke.


Last dishwasher we owned ran well for 35+ years, was still doing so when we replaced it, rather than look for a spring to take the weight off the door.

Made in America, it was.

Good for Poland. I hope this immigration policy is put into effect. It’s the right thing to do.

Immigration should be reserved for special cases where the immigrant is willing to fully adopt the host country’s way of life, including religion (Catholicism) and culture.

Yeah I sometimes wish we Saxons had told William the Conqueror that. And that the Native Americans had said that to those annoying Europeans.

So all those Jews who fled the pogroms and all those Jews who fled the Nazis should have been told: Convert or we don’t let you in. Is that it?

The UN and every country treats refugees different than immigrants for a very good reason. Don’t conflate the two.

Which would-be immigrants to Poland these days are facing persecution on a scale of Jews in Nazi Germany, and why must they go to Poland and not a closer neighboring country?

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I think it’s Germany that wants to send them to Poland.
Every EU member must share in covering for Merkel’s mistake.

Recently they changed their laws though and are seeking skilled immigrants that can fit into their economy.

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OK fair enough.

So Irish and Polish immigrants to Britain should have been refused entry unless they converted to Anglicanism?

St Thomas should have converted to being a Hindu? St Augustine of Canterbury should have converted to whatever brand of paganism was prevalent in Kent?

That would have been interesting with regards to St. Augustine as getting all the local kings of the various kingdoms scattered up and down the length and breadth of the British isles in that era to agree that they constituted a larger grouping which could be described under one heading would have been quite difficult much of the time.

False equivolence. Catholicism is the true religion, Hinduism, Anglicanism, and whatever pagan religion was popular in Kent are not. Truth has rights, error has no rights.

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From your point of view it is the true religion, from other point of view it is simply one among many religions.

Fortunately for me, their point of view is as flawed is if they declared the sum of two whole numbers was less than either of the whole numbers individually. Quite simply, I am right and they are wrong.

That is merely a matter of opinion. Also, Poland is a secular republic and Catholicism is not enshrined as having a special place or status in the nation. Nor should it be, such provisions are on the whole a bad idea in constitutions. I might potentially make an exception to a degree for Israel but even with regards to that state I find some of the ways nationality and religion have come to be tied together worrying.

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