New Poll: Trump up 13 Points with Catholics

*It seems referring to the Catholic Church as a “Middle Ages dictatorship” and religious Americans as “backwards” might just cost you in the polls.

Donald Trump is up 13 points against Hillary Clinton among American Catholics, according to a new IBD/TIPP Presidential Election Tracking Poll out Nov. 2. The same poll reports that Trump is up 22 points with American Protestants.*

This is not the first time Protestants have caused Catholics in America to deserve castigation. I remember when the prolife Protestant, George W. Bush ran against the pro-abortion Catholic John Kerry. What a shameful exposition that was! Where I live, Protestants greatly outnumber Catholics, especially prolife Evangelicals and Fundamentalists. And, yes, some of my Protestant friends and aquaintences were puzzled and scandalized by the “Catholic” example.

And they had every reason to be.

Don’t American Catholics and Protestants make up around 70% of the countries citizens? Wouldn’t this mean Trump is winning the majority of that 70%?

You’re kidding, right?

Our country is predominantly liberal, including the Christians. Since we have a very liberal Republican, even many of the traditionally conservative Christians are voting third party or not voting this year.

I know Catholics voting for Clinton that abruptly decided they’d vote for Trump given her insults to the Catholic Church and religious Americans. Enough is Enough. How any Catholic could now vote for her given her pro abortion to the day of birth stance and insulting ways is beyond me at this point.

That Trump is up with Catholic voters is not a surprise to me and Clinton has herself to blame for that. That said, at least we know where she stands on the issue of those of us who profess our Faith in the “Middle ages dictatorship.”


According to Gallup, conservatives makeup 37%, moderates 35% and liberals 24%:

That is very surprising, as the liberals have been in power eight years and were elected by a landslide both times. Something is off there. :shrug:

Just to add, different polls seem to have different results regarding Catholics and who they support in the presidential election which shows how polls which may have different methodology can result in differing results.

I was at a meeting at church last evening.

Everyone was moaning about the “poor choice of candidates”.

When I said I would be voting for Trump, there were a lot of people nodding in agreement with me.

Hillary’s name seemed to provoke a very negative assessment.

There’s “shame” in admitting one’s support for Trump in certain circles (e.g., liberal workplace, academia, social media). But I’m willing to bet $5 that many are silent supporters.

Every time I see, read, or hear Catholics supporting Hilary, I rack up at least venial sins due to thoughts that arise.

Watchdog Alleges Virginia Prepping For Mass Fraud…

The state of Virginia has five million voters, but they printed six million ballots. Sites that needed an extra 700 ballots in 2012 (provisional ones) have been sent 84,000. Other sites are crazier:

“In 2012, Fairfax used 2,500 provisional ballots. In 2016, they received over 265,000. This is ridiculous.”

Still, a thousand illegal voters were registered to vote in Virginia in one sample of eight localities. Perhaps they’ll need the extra ballots?

Top 7 Charges Hillary Clinton Could Face While President, by John Hayward — Breitbart.

  1. Perjury: Did she turn over ALL the work related emails on orders of a federal judge?

  2. Obstruction of Justice: Did she destroy evidence?

  3. Bribery: Among others, there is the donations from Clinton friends to the wife of the number 3 at the FBI…

  4. Pay for Play: Selling favors from the US for donations to the Clinton Foundation.

  5. Illegal Use of a Nonprofit Organization: The Clinton Foundation violates the laws for charitable organizations.

  6. Racketeering: Former prosecutor Andrew McCarthy observed that Hillary Clinton’s abuse of the State Department looks an awful lot like a “racketeering enterprise”.

  7. Fraud: Wall Street analyst Charles Ortel has been building a case that the “Clinton Charity Network,” as he calls the complete system of Clinton operations, has committed “charity fraud of epic proportions.” In part, he refers to discrepancies between donor accounts and the Clinton Foundation’s books.

A poll has been taken in the UK IF they could vote in US election who would they vote for ?

Clinton 89%
Trump 11%

In Russia it was the reverse.

Looks like a vote for Trump is a shift in US foreign policy from democratic Europe towards Russia and China.

Good Luck with that.

I was going to vote this year although I was considering not voting. Unfortunately, they do require photo identification in my state in order to vote and my driver’s license has my old address on it so I can’t use that. The license branch doesn’t open up again until next Thursday which will be too late for me to get my driver’s license updated. I never really bothered updating it because I don’t have a car anymore. To be honest, I am kind of glad that this means I won’t be voting though because I did not feel like I could vote for either Trump or Clinton.

The EU is no more Democratic than Russia is. IMO, The EU will be more Islamic than either secular or Christian in under 50 years. So Good Luck with that!:thumbsup:

For those voters who find neither candidate to be their ideal … but have concluded they’ll vote for the lesser of two evils this time … I did think the following analogy was apt.

Candidate A is like cancer. Candidate B is like chemotherapy.

To B or not to B?

If this poll holds true for this election, it’ll be President Trump.

A slight solace to those who just winced at that idea. He may then have to live in less lavish housing and fly in more substandard planes.

:whistle: :tiphat:

It’s now been revealed that Clinton’s associates are involved in occult practices. Sounds too crazy. But yes.

Can any Catholic still vote for Clinton?

And yet according to Hillary’s TV ads, Trump will immediately start a nuclear war with the Russians.

Is this all part of a clever plan by Putin - help get Trump elected so he can drop nukes on them?

I’m glad Hillary has this all figured out.

Probabil many people are not informed, they watch only cnn every now and then…
If clinton wins we might expect the “gospel” of clintons…
Anyway, the world will not to down because it followed Christian morals.

So, let me see if I understand the logic. Because democratic Europe ( we see currently how democratic Britain is currently ) likes Clinton and Russians like Trump that’s going to impact how a Trump governs? Huh?

Really - Where do you get these facts from ? Russia Today ?

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