New polling data about islam

Article examimes the views the muslim faith. Distrubing indeed.

The numbers speak themselves. must read.

Very interesting data.

Really not much of a surprise here. A good number of these countries are underdeveloped, unstable, or war torn. There are also plenty of Christians in Africa where you’ll find similar beliefs. Similarly you’ll find plenty of Hindu extremists in India, but we aren’t afraid of those since they aren’t on cable news.

Not really new data on all of it. But with the positive/negative view of Daesh I actually found that polling somewhat encouraging. Most of the countries they polled showed solid majority opposition to what Daesh stands for with the exception of Pakistan, and little support for them. And with Pakistan even then they only have 9% “positive view” (not necessarily support direct or indirect). Now the article seems concerned about the no opinion option in Pakistan, and it is worrisome from the regard that they haven’t taken a stance on Daesh which is a pretty much you’re either for it or against it type thing. But by the same token this is the same country that has Taliban and Al Qaeda cells floating around in it and housed Osama Bin Laden (possibly knowingly) for a number of years. People may be too afraid to say “no” to supporting a group like Daesh for fear it would get back to their own locally grown Radical Sunni psychos who don’t exactly differ much Daesh in terms of overall ideology.

They are on cable news because of the brutal killings across the world.

Brutal killings that we fixate on. ISIS has managed to grab hold of our political discourse and make us spend $10s, maybe $100s of millions using video cameras,swords, and our own internet servers… While recruiting disaffect youths in the process. Pretty good return on investment I’d say. Meanwhile one of our closest allies in the region beheads about as many people per year.

And what religion would “one of our closest allies” follow?

You give the impression that you blame us for causing the brutal killings.

I think he’s referring to Saudi Arabia.

The choice and sin of murder rests on their shoulders.

she :slight_smile:

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