New posts going into moderated status

**Temporary outage.
Your patience is appreciated. **

Okay, until this is straightened out, I can “approve” the posts.
No, for you west coasters, I don’t plan on being up in the wee hours doing it. So your post might not show up right away.
And uh…just because I “approve” your post does not mean I “approve of” your post. :wink:

Shouldnt it be new posters having their posts go into moderation?

BTW, just answer threads on the first page.
Thanks. :thumbsup:

I agree. (Just getting myself into trouble) :shrug:

no this site is under spam attack

A little CAF humor, I see!
Always good, always good.


Yes, this is annoying. People ask questions and it looks impolite not to answer.

Thank you to you and the rest of the Moderators for taking care of the mountain of work on your plates. Hopefully, by this time, you will not have to answer my questions.

My apology, not sure what answering threads on the first page means. Most of the threads that currently interest me are way beyond the first page. Does that mean I cannot post on them?

Second question. When there is a popular discussion on the thread, and a poster who usually posts, does not post – does that indicate that her/his post has not been approved?

Thank you.

Because we have to go to other sub-forums and deal with issues at this time, if you post on a thread that is six months old, I might not see it for six months! :eek:
It’s really not a big deal, it just makes it easier for us.:thumbsup:
Thanks guys.

Why not give one of the forum elders temporary Mods to help clear the backlog?
Thanks for all your hard work. We know you guys are flat out ATM.

I can ask.

I’ll try to keep our playground as updated as I can folks.

I have no idea what this thread is about, but

[thread=889710]I would approve of *new posters *being moderated.[/thread] :slight_smile: :frowning:


Your last sentence made me chuckle this morning. Thank you!! I needed it.

Thank you for all you and the other mods do for us. It’s all too often an unappreciated job.


This post is a test to see if posts are still moderated.

What are you? The shop foreman?

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