New potential choir member with learning difficulties


There are a couple of ppl who have said they don’t want this person who has learning difficulties in our choir because he needs to be looked after.

He has some learning difficulties but as far as I can see he is capable of singing.

This has saddened me somewhat.


This is an opportunity to fight in a small way for the principles of our faith. Go get 'em. Courage not sadness is what is called for here.


Well i suffer a bit from social phobia , but will at least bring the subject up at the next choir practice (have promised to with his carer).


I don’t understand. I have a degree in choral music and I’ve never heard of a choir that admitted new members by popular vote. It’s the choir dircrector’s job to figure out if the person is able to handle the job or not. If you think the director is being unjust, then you should talk to him or her personally. (not during rehearsal)


What do they mean by “looked after?” If it is as simple as walking him to the restroom, can you do it? Perhaps he can come to rehearsal with his caregiver.


:heaven:He may surprise you in the best possible way, which will justify your kind, supportive approach to him. Having worked throughout my career with youngsters spanning the full range of severe and complex learning difficulties, their ability to rise to a challenge frequently amazed me. You are giving him an opportunity to succeed, to feel self esteem and to participate on equal terms in something very special. God will bless you 100fold for this act and I bet there is great joy in Heaven.
I pray that God will show you His loving support for all that you do and I pray that you will be rewarded with a reduction in the Social Phobia which you are bravely fighting.


Thanks … That’s my line of thinking … He even said he enjoyed singing, from personal experience I’m there for a variety reasons not just because I can play the organ sometimes! It can help my esteem and also my faith etc. Just as it can his.

We don’t have a choir director we only have about 10 members, there is no hierarchy so if anyone shouts loudly they get can form an impression. He turned up at choir today and was fine as far as I can see, in that he could sing. He does have a problem with communication / constructing sentences etc… but iit should only be a matter of us listening more attentively. The problem seems to be him attending choir practice during the week and also to do with CRB checking for anyone who drives him home, I have been a bit naughty in that respect driving him home without CRB checking. I think the CRB thing is clouding the issue though. I’m happy to be CRB checked if necessary, I did say this when the disagreement arose.


‘Looked after’ because he has a carer but it appears she allows him to come to church alone. He seems capable of all this. He needs driving in evenings maybe but that’s fine with me when I don’t have work commitments other than that he is fine as far as I can see.


Thanks everyone you have confirmed that our principles of faith are part of this issue which is what I thought ie love your neighbour.

Emily … Yes He has surprised me …how someone with learning difficulties can have the wisdom to live the Christian faith and actually want to join the choir etc.


I am sure you will defend those Christ would want you to protect as best you can. Christ won’t expect any more from you. May the Holy Spirit guide you.


It turned out for the good everyone welcomes the new member with learning difficulties into the choir, Praise Jesus :thumbsup: I think i drew conclusions due to not speaking up at the time about the situation , which is a fault I have , and pray to overcome due to my social anxiety.


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