New Prayers



Just wanted to share a couple of prayers I created to help myself get through these trying economic times. Hope they will help others to get through the next few months:


Our Lord Jesus
who gave his life for all our souls,
Fisher of men
and healer of the sick,
Help me carry my cross
as a fellow man did for you here on this Earth,
Help me to be a kind and loving person
as you were on this Earth,
Help me to build my house
as you built your crosses here on this Earth,
Help me to feed myself and my loved ones
as you did at the wedding, the seashore, the mount, and last supper
here on this Earth,
And let me not dwell on the sins of the past,
let me only consider the love for my fellow man,
Forever and ever.


Blessed Joseph
my fellow man and mortal father of Jesus,
Guide me with your wisdom
as you guided your son on this Earth,
Be my father too
and show me the way,
Be a carpenter unto my soul,
Be a model for my life,
And as with my own father -
never forget me.

Please distribute freely on the Internet!


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