New Priests Celebrate Their Ordination With Amazing Dance Caught in Viral Video!


(The video is provided at the end of this post.)

“Video evidence that there were some men in Lafayette happy to be Catholic priests this weekend,” from the original posting site, Ragin Cajun Catholics.


you know it’s getting crazy when the priest wearing the vest stock takes off his jacket :joy::joy::joy:


These men are from my Diocese of Lafayette, Louisiana. Many condemned them on other sites saying it wasn’t very “Priest Like” or that they wouldn’t want one of them to be their Priest. HOW VERY SAD. These men worked VERY hard for MANY years to get to their Ordination and they were celebrating with their families. I was so happy for them and was GLAD they were so excited that they wanted to celebrate. Nothing they did was inappropriate. GOD BLESS THEM. May they serve our Diocese greatly for the rest of their lives. .


As pointed out in a current thread, St. John Chrysostom condemned levity - even “pleasantries.” What would he say to this? Reminds me of the wedding scene in “Fiddler,” where it would be appropriate. Not after an ordination - and certainly not here in New England!


Be careful in using what a fifth century saint taught for today.

Usually, the writings are taken out of the cultural and historical context from which the saint spoke.

The priest in the video are at a reception.

Is it for their ordination ? We don’t know other than what the author of the article says.

Either way, they did nothing wrong and being a Christian doesn’t mean we’re to be stoic statues like birdbath St Anthony

Being fully human, fully alive is part of holiness.



It’s wonderful that they’re having fun.

Their dancing could use some work, though. :sunglasses:


Their spirits were willing but their dance moves were weak. Hey I think they were just so happy they wanted to celebrate with their family and friends. They are in my Diocese of Lafayette, Louisiana and we are very glad to have 7 new Priests here.


All those in the video dancing weren’t the 7 who were ordained. Some were Priests who were there to attend their ordination and reception and just got in on the fun. Here is a picture of the 7 that were ordained:


Nice to see them having such joy.
May God bless and guide them.


Getting ordained. Definitely cause for joy…go guys go! Dance for God!


Michal, David’s wife, condemned him for dancing in public. In the end she regretted it.


This made my heart swell with joy.

At first glimpse of the title at first I thought it was liturgical dance :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
But then I got a good look and laughed!


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