New PSR teacher


I am looking for ideas and answers on the Web regarding being a PSR teacher.

Is there a specific forum here I can post to?

Little bit of background, I was raised Lutheran and went through the RCIA program five years ago.

I have been active in RCIA for the past four years and became a Liturgical and Eucharistic Minister two years ago.

I recently became a PSR volunteer in my fiance’s second grade class and next year I have volunteered to teach fifth grade.


Good morning!

Glad to hear of your growing faith…congratulations!

Not sure what PSR is, so can’t help please clarify thank you.


It depends on what you are looking for. If you have questions, here is a good place to ask them. If they are specific to a Sacrament prep class, the Liturgy forum might also get a good response.

I assume that PSR is public school religion? Also called CCE, CCD or just Religious Ed.

There is a group, “Catechist Corner” that you might want to join too. It’s under the “Groups” tab on top.



Thank you all who have responded.

I will move to the other forum.


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