New Publisher for Catholic Fiction

I see Tuscany Press is looking for fiction writers and offering cash for those who win its contest.

You can read more here.

I very much like what founder and publisher Peter Mongeau has to say about Catholic writers and Catholic fiction in the twenty-first century.


Thanks for the tip.

The Tuscany Press website:

They have a best Catholic fiction contest going on. I can’t get my Empress Theresa manuscript in by the Sept 30 deadline, but there’s always next year. :smiley:

I noticed on your link your blog posting said you’ve used the Amazon Kindle service. How has it worked?

I’m thinking of going the Kindle route myself if no literary agent has taken me on a year from now. Since Kindle suggests you supply a cover design I’m going to paint my own cover. I can paint too. :thumbsup: The painting will show Theresa and hints of seven scenes in the story.

Believe it or not, I started working on this painting’s design today with pencil and paper and computer printouts of teenage girls and a jet fighter and a Boeing 747 which have “parts” so to speak in the book ( Theresa seems to have bad luck with airplanes . :eek:)
I should be transferring the design to canvas within a week.

I’m very pleased with Kindle Direct Publishing.

I’m very pleased with Kindle Direct Publishing.

I’m wondering how people become aware of a new title without advertising and without displaying the book on bookstore shelves?

Threw my hat (er, manuscript!) in the ring! Say a prayer for me… I’m also waiting on word from Dark Oak Press on the results of their mystery contest!

As someone who works in book publishing.

  1. You can post a notice that your book with a Christian message is about to be released on Catholic and Christian forums that allow it.

  2. You can start your own website and let people buy it direct, and be sure to include a cover shot and description.

  3. You can set up a Facebook page and keep people informed.

  4. Some local Christian bookstores will allow you to put your book on their shelves if you ask. It’s common for local authors of any subject to get exposure like that in regular local bookstores.


Thanks for telling me about the best Catholic fiction contest at Tuscany Press. I submitted my novella, The Gabriel Memos - A Companion to The Screwtape Letters. I’ve already published it as an e-book on I hope that is not something that would disqualify it. I retain the copyright with Smashwords.

I don’t know if it’s an idea for you to try using Sigil - it’s a free application that allows you to create an ebook from scratch in epub format, which you can then convert into an AZW file using Calibre, another free application. The advantage of Sigil is that you are completely in control of the formatting and appearance of your ebook, and it is not that difficult to master. You need to become a little familiar with CSS (that is what you do the formatting in) but I didn’t find it that difficult to pick up. Plenty of online tutorials if one gets stuck.

I’m curious.
Why would anybody use Smashwords, Sigil, or anything other that Amazon’s Kindle?

Isn’t Kindle the big guy on the block? They offer their services for free. The work is all yours, like you were selling something on eBay, and you keep 70% of the sales.

Kindle is the ereader offered by Amazon, who will host your book for free on their site and take a small percentage of its sales.

Smashwords is a site that focusses exclusively on ebooks, but is otherwise similar to Amazon in its modus operandi.

Sigil is a programme, downloadable for free, that enables you to create your own ebook exactly as you want it to look. Sigil creates only epub files, so you need to download Calibre to convert it into an AZW file (the kind a kindle can read). Once you have created your ebook you can then upload it to Amazon or Smashwords.

Amazon is indeed the big guy on the block which is perhaps the problem - your book is one tiny drop in a very big ocean. You may have a better chance of getting noticed on Smashwords, though personally I think it an ocean nearly as big. Your best bet is to try and find a publisher - at least he will have a target readership who will give your book a look.

Hey! Thank you Bill Dodds for posting this thread. I submitted and they put up an excerpt of my novel.

When it comes down to it, I don’t care about winning the contest or not. It seems like this is Tuscany’s way of “generating inventory.”

:D:D I really couldn’t be happier right now. :D:D:

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