New Puppy!


We are considering adopting an adorable Labrador puppy. We also have three children(7,10,11yrs old) and two cats(F5yrs - M3yrs old).
Anyone have any ideas how best to introduce the puppy to our family and pets?


Very slowly! Never leave the children alone with the puppy until it is 3/4mths old and you can trust the children and the dog!

With the cats try and by the cats mittens so that they dont scatch the puppy by accident!

Aside from that labs are SOOOO cute!


When you bring the dog into your house bring it in on it’s leash and don’t let it roam the house. The dog must be brought into each and every room to get used to it’s new surroundings. Also, remember that it goes like this exercise, discipline, then affection. Finally, it’s first dog then breed then name.

I know it sounds like a lot but if your dog doesn’t have a mild temperment then it could get problems. When first introducing your dog to the family don’t let them pet it or look at it. It’s tough but it’s best for the dog.

Have fun


You as alpha human must establish dominance. That means YOU are in charge. Humans eat first, enter doors first, and never break away eye contact first. If you ever find yourself in a staring contest with your puppy, do NOT look away first, or the dog “wins” and thinks s/he is dominant over you. Do lots of belly rubs, because the dog exposes his belly to you, which is submissive.

Use a kennel. It becomes the dog’s “safe” place, where it can escape from kids and cats, if necessary. We have 3 cats, and 2 of the 3 cats actually dominate our 85 pound golden retriever, so the kennel becomes his hideaway when he’s had enough of the cats. Also use a gentle leader and give them lots of exercise!

Labs are GREAT!


You MUST post pics!

There’s a special soft spot in my heart for labs. :heart:


in preparation for getting a puppy/dog I’m watching quite a bit of the “DOG WHISPERER” What do you think about Cesar Millan as the Dog Whisperer? He seems to have an incredible amount of knowledge and success with dogs of any kind.

I would post pictures when we get a puppy, but I don’t know how to do that here.


^^^so true^^^

Please please PLEASE don’t make the kennel mistake I did! I wasted a bunch of money buying my puppies huge wire cages. Little did I know at the time that dogs are den dwellers, and prefer to be enclosed in with only one visible exit- especially for sleeping. I could never understand why they were so unhappy in their “safe place” when scary new company was around, but then a friend of mine told me about the den dwelling thing… Problem solved! They are perfect little examples of behavior when they’re set in there and told to be good! (as a side note, I also learned that hte safe place should NEVER be where you put them when they’ve been bad.)


Exactly! :thumbsup:
We do have a large wire kennel, but we also threw a blanket around the top and 3 sides when we first got him (he was 10 pounds then). When he was really little, we would even pull the blanket over most of the front, leaving just a little peep hole. When first training the pup for the kennel, reward him with treats. He goes in, and he gets a treat! Also, I agree with the never placing them in there when they are being bad. Then they learn to not like it, which is what you don’t want to do.

Our “puppy” is now 18 months and 85 pounds, and we are trying to see if he can behave himself outside the kennel during the night (we’ve always kenneled him at night). A few nights ago, he went up to bed with my DH and curled up in the bedroom. That lasted all of 5 minutes. I found him about 10 minutes later tightly curled up in a ball inside his open kennel. He obviously felt more comfortable and safe there.


[SIGN]DON’T DO IT[/SIGN]unless the dog has room to run. Labs are great and cute. However, they are also very hyperactive and hard to control, unless you spend a lot of time and $$$ on training. I love dogs, but after this one is gone, I’ll never get another one (didn’t want this one - i was out voted). With cats, we could clean the litter box, put out a big bowl of food and water and leave for the weekend. With a dog, we have hire a local friend/neighbor or kennel if we have to leave for the weekend.

PLUS you have to pick up their poop…Dogs are cute but a big responsibility, don’t let the kids fool you in thinking they are in anyway going to help take care of the animal…


Of course they are cute! Dogs are busy! They need to be walked or played with, but they are very fun, and kids love to throw ball after ball after ball for them to retrieve. We had a lab, and honestly, did not spend one dime on training. We did it all ourselves. Same with our golden. As far as exercise, one son is a runner, so he just grabs the dog and runs for 5-6 miles. On days he does not run, the dog runs around in the yard for bit, or chases a laser pointer. Now for poop - yeah, it’s there. We have trained our to go down into a weedy area at the back of our yard, and 9 times out of 10, he will poop there, so that is good. Otherwise, Walmart has a great poop-scooper for $10. Great job for the kids! And our kids HAVE taken care of our pets for many years, starting when they were about 8 years old, including scooping poop and cleaning litter boxes.


Puppies and I think Labs especially are huge chewers…Keep an eye out. Also, my son’s Lab puppy had Red Mange…not fun…we adopted it from a shelter…


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