New Quiz - Catholic Truths

Here’s another quiz called Catholic Truths. If you went to Catechism and don’t sleep through Mass, you should get 100% on it.

I think I’ll give it to my Catechism class. They are well-schooled, and I expect them to do well on it. :wink:

Gee, I only got a 93% on this one. :blush:

I think I got wrong the one on Sanctifying Grace, as it was the only one that had another answer I could have (should have) used.

I also got a 93%…I think the one I got wrong was the Cardinal virtues question.

Two answers are almost identical, except one is for actual grace and the other is for sanctifying grace. I posted the answers and their explanations when I created this quiz. You just need to click on the link after you get your score and it will take you to the answers.

You are 93% educated in Catholic truths!

Wow! You are totally educated in the Catholic faith. A real genius! Have you thought of teaching the faith to others? Be sure to share your wealth of knowledge with those who need it.

I’m not sure which of these I messed up. I know it has to be one of those.

There is a link to the answers you can access after you get your score.

Ok. I didn’t look for it after I finished the quiz.

I checked the answers after taking the quiz. Cardinal virtues is where I messed up. I had answered faith, hope and charity.:o

I also got 93% got the bishop question wrong. Thank you
Fr. John Carapi for your Catachism radio program.

:stuck_out_tongue: I got 93% darn I need to listen to more Fr. Corapi MP3…

Those are the theological virtues.

Thank you! I was going to look it up in the ***Baltimore Catechism ***which I downloaded.

That’s what I based this quiz on when I made it up earlier today. BTW, that’s why I didn’t post my score. :stuck_out_tongue:

I like this quiz better than the other one about the Baltimore Catechism. The other one is just too easy, probably because it is based on the first book of the Catechism (for First Communion).

Yeah, this one is harder. I don’t think anyone has got 100% yet. Not here or on my blog, anyway.

I got a 93% – I missed the Sanctifying Grace question.

I’m wondering about question 10: “What is necessary to receive Holy Communion Worthily?” The correct answer was “To be free from mortal sin and observe the Eucharistic fast.” However, Paul says we must be aware of what we are receiving, so “To be conscious it is Jesus we are receiving” would seem to be a requirement as well.

I think all the answers are correct to some degree, but you have to go with the most complete answer, 'cause there isn’t “an all of the above choice.”

Here’s the actual text of the Catechism. “Q. 901. What is necessary to make a good Communion?
A. To make a good Communion it is necessary to be in the state of sanctifying grace and to fast according to the
laws of the Church.”

100% :blush:

I have never seen a Baltimore Catechism or gone to a traditional Latin mass.

I suspect the fact I am a college student, and quite adept at taking multiple choice tests, had something to do with it.

I don’t consider myself to have been well catechized as a child, I don’t really think I have improved on it much as an (young) adult, and I certainly don’t do a very good job a translating what head knowledge I do have into an actual living, practiced form of the faith.

Oh that was too fun : ) We all need a good test of our knowledge every now and then! Can’t believe I screwed up on the Sanctifying Grace question :eek: LOL

Thank you!

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