New Religious Orders/Emerging Charisms


There are so many new religious orders forming. I am starting a new monastic order
for women. Maybe this new thread will help women or men who are interested in
joining or need to know about these new religious orders. Anyone out there


Howdy, I am a 58yr old male who has tried to answer the call of My lord, but find that MAN thinks other wise. The call Stops at 45yr. I am sorry But I don't believe that so am trying to start a new Charism called the "Divine Mercy Brothers of our Lady of Guadalupe" and it will be for any man that was called by God but Is to old for Man can come and serve Him here. All this is all new to me but Know it will be blessed by God. I hope to start it in a small town near the Diocese of Austin. We will pray for the sick and dieing through the Divine Mercy. It will be semi-cloistered and will have a chapel and wear a habit. Attend mass at the near by Parish for our daily devotion to the Blessed Sacrament. I hope to here from others that want the same. Emile,,,

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