New report finds string of ballot mishaps confirms fears of large-scale mail-in voting

I would suggest we are going to quite possibly see enormous problems post-election.

Problems magnified by rioters.

The conservatives here have been warning of this many times too.


October 16, 2020

New report finds string of ballot mishaps confirms fears of large-scale mail-in voting

The Honest Elections Project warns many states are not equipped for mail-in voting

By Ronn Blitzer | Fox News

The Honest Elections Project is warning that recent events unfolding in states throughout the country have confirmed their fears that November’s election will be mired in controversy because states changed their voting procedures without adequate time to develop a workable system.

The group had warned in a July report that large-scale voting by mail would waste resources, create a risk of complications, such as fraud.


“Almost everything we warned of, happened in multiple states throughout the primaries,” a new addendum to the report says. “Rather than learn from these mistakes, many states are repeating them.”

The addendum points to lawsuits filed by liberal groups to force states into changing ballot deadlines that could result in late ballots being counted, and counting others that could otherwise be invalid. One such case is awaiting a decision by the Supreme Court.

Groups are also challenging election security laws such as witness requirements and prohibitions on ballot harvesting, which the Honest Elections Project claims could result in confusion and a lack of confidence in the election results.

“Uncertainty and last-minute rules changes amplify the risk of delay and post-election litigation that could drag on for weeks, cast doubt on the election’s outcome, and possibly force states to miss the deadline to participate in the Electoral College, disenfranchising millions,” the group said. . . .

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We can put rovers on Mars but can’t handle/design a trouble free method of voting.


I see this more as an effort to sow confusion about the result as opposed to being interested in an honest election.

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I see this more as an effort to bring about an honest election regarding the result as opposed to being interested in sowing confusion.

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We should do what they did in Afghanistan (I think it was Afghanistan) to vote. After people are identified and vote, they dip their finger in a color substance that does not come off for a few days and they know who voted.

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