New Report: U.S. Taxpayers a $1 Billion+ Gold Mine for Abortion Industry

New Report: U.S. Taxpayers a $1 Billion+ Gold Mine for Abortion Industry

…“Since Obama’s election, U.S. subsidies to the abortion industry at home and abroad have significantly increased,” noted Rep. Chris Smith (R-N.J.), the co-chair of the bipartisan congressional Pro-Life Caucus. Smith added that President’s Obama’s lifting of the Mexico City Policy, which used to prohibit funds to overseas abortion advocates, has alone added a cool $648 million to the coffers of such groups, including the IPPF.

…“With the national debt over $13 trillion - costing every American $118,000 - we must apply strict scrutiny to every federal dollar allocated," Rep. Pete Olson (R-Tex.) said at Wednesday’s conference, noting that most Americans are opposed to funding abortion interest groups.

“That this tax money is spent by organizations that offend the majority of Americans only further justifies the need for this alarming report.”

…WASHINGTON, DC, June 16, 2010 ( – Taxpayers have funded abortion advocacy organizations to the tune of over a billion dollars between 2002 and 2009, according to a new report by the non-partisan Government Accountability Office (GAO). However, these figures may only be the tip of the iceberg.

At a press conference on Wednesday in Washington, D.C., members of Congress and pro-life advocates unveiled the GAO findings. According to the report,
-Advocates for Youth received a total of $8.7 million (2002-2009);
-the Guttmacher Institute, $12.7 million (2002-2008);
-International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF), $93.8 million (2002-2009);
-Planned Parenthood Federation of America, $657.1 million (2002-2008);
-Population Council of the United States, $284.3 million (2002-2008);
-Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States (SIECUS), $1.6 million (2002-2009).

Note: Planned Parenthood claims to be a Non-Profit or Not-for-Profit Organization.:sad_yes:

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Life Site “news” is not a reputable news organization.

Quoted form the article, but certainly absent from the inflammatory title:

“under the Hyde and Helms amendment no taxpayer dollars are used directly for elective abortions”

So you dispute the figures?

“under the Hyde and Helms amendment no taxpayer dollars are used directly for elective abortions”

I wonder where those funds came from…if not from tax payers?

Lol! Well-It should be if you’re a reputable Catholic!

Directly. You forgot the word “directly.”

Do you really believe the money given by the Federal Government (our tax dollars)-doesn’t go for abortions? You could say, for instance, it pays for pap smears and mamograms to Planned Parenthood—and those monies support the Company-which, by the way also is the largest provider of abortions…

Yes, yes, yes…kinda hard to support “part of” the Organization.

Inflammatory. Says you. I’ll stick with Father Frank Pavone. He’s a Saint.

A Saint, reporting the Catholic Side of the News. Who do you depend upon?

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+Jesus, I Trust In You.
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The report covers 2002-2009. If you go look at the actual report, you can see that the vast majority of the funds were spent during the Bush administration. If you look at the spending in the various years, it does not look to me like 2009 spending is any higher than 2008.

As noted above, federal law bars spending federal money for the procurement of abortions. The report details federal funds disbursed to or spent by a list of organizations that provide or promote abortion; it does not say that the funds were spent on abortions.

Nothing to do about who’s administration but i will say the numbers will increase dramatically under Mr. Obama. We already saw the lifting of the Mexico Treaty…that directly funds abortion…AND that is tax payer money

Please provide us with one false report Life Site News has published. They are a lot more reputable than ABC, NBC, Fox, CBS, or CNN.

So they used taxpayer dollars to pay their rent, water and electric bill, I wonder what they did with the money they saved?

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