New Republican Congress reverses ethics move after outcry


Republicans are to drop a plan to gut the independent body that investigates political misconduct, after an outcry.

President-elect Donald Trump had criticised Republicans after they voted to strip the Office of Congressional Ethics of its independence.

“Focus on tax reform, healthcare and so many other things of far greater importance!” Mr Trump said in a tweet.

The proposal was dropped in an emergency meeting at the new Congress, unnamed lawmakers told the US media.


I believe in praising people when they do good. Thank you, Mr. Trump.


I don’t know the whole story but I admire your input!



It wasn’t all Trump. It was also public outcry and Republican House members were flooded with phone calls in opposition to their plan.


They do realize there will be elections in two years, right? Do they remember losing control of the House of Representatives when Bush was president? Isn’t it true that even though the turnout will be lower, those who do vote in two years from now are those who pay closer attention to politics than the average voter?



The optics of this were perfectly terrible. Stupid, stupid, stupid.


House Speaker Paul Ryan spoke out against the move, according to a source in the room who said Ryan stated that “there’s a bipartisan way to better reform the office.”

Ryan needs to learn to be more forceful when needed.

He just won speaker re-election with 239 votes – so he’s not unrespected.


Maybe they thought they had a mandate.


I’d bet before today very few knew who their Representative was. I admit to having looking it up myself today.


Papers please! :slight_smile:


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