New Research: Climate May Be More Sensitive and Situation More Dire


“New Research: Climate May Be More Sensitive and Situation More Dire”

This article brings up both the problems with instrumental data underestimating the warming (in part because there are very few thermometers in the Arctic, where it is warming much faster than other areas) AND some reassessment studies of climate sensitivity, one (last one linked here) based on extreme climate change of 56 million years ago (PETM), which indicates the sensitivity itself may increase with higher temperatures.

Here are some links to the news reports and the studies they cite:

“Past presents warning on greater warming” at

“Reconciling estimates of climate sensitivity”

“Reconciled climate response estimates from climate models and the energy budget of Earth”

“Implications for climate sensitivity from the response to individual forcings”

“Southern Ocean warming delayed by circumpolar upwelling and equatorward transport”

“Warning from the past: Future global warming could be even warmer”–wft062316.php


Don’t really follow this branch of science, but summers here have been getting more intolerably hot (and rains more chaotic) for the past twenty years. :o


Been the case pretty much everywhere. I don’t think anyone is debating that global warming is happening. There are a few who deny it’s man that’s been causing the rise in temps however.


They are actually digging mass graves in Pakistan for the upcoming heatwave and flood victims.


Oh noes…what ever will we do!!! At this rate, we’ll all be dead in 100 years.


You may not worry about it for the next generation, but as a father I definitely worry about it for my daughter and succeeding generations.


The way the world is turning to evil I guess we can’t expect much other. However, I live a whole lot “greener” than Al, and probably more so than the majority of liberals who clamor about the climate, so I guess I’m doing my part.


I’ve lived here in the North Carolina mountains since the turn of the century. At about 2900 ft elevation, we have no A/C, and the weather has not changed in any way to encourage us to buy it.

What both of us are describing is weather, not climate. Anecdotal observations about weather are no more helpful than the constantly inaccurate computer models.



I don’t worry about it because it’s bunk. I don’t worry about it because the people who are the loudest advocates for “doing something” travel around the globe in private jets and limousines. When they start living their lives like they believe there’s an actual problem, then I’ll consider it.


Why do you think that is? That people don’t accept that we people r the cause or at least part of the cause


That’s all that really counts, that we do our part to the best of our ability & feasibility. So good for you!


I live in the Ozarks, and there is no discernible change in the climate whatever, except for the cyclical changes that happen now and then. Older people still recall the five year drought and heat wave back in the early 1950s that was massively greater than anything similar since then. Even older people remember a similar period during the 1930s, which was at least comparable and possibly even worse than the one in the 1950s.

But I’ll grant AC is at least desirable in the summertime here. Always has been that way. Our elevation isn’t as high as yours, for one thing, and for another we’re right next to the easternmost part of the “desert southwest”.


You are right. Climate is the aggregate and average of weather. CC (global warming) has an impact on weather making heatwaves more likely & intense, as with floods, droughts, severe storms & hurricanes, disease spread, wild fires, crop failure, and so on. The overall increase in each of these has been attributed to CC … which still means we people are culpable, as the Holy Father points out


I’m certain more taxes, more bureaucracy, more government and more socialism is the answer! :thumbsup:


Even the Warmists only claim that world temperatures have increased less than one degree in our lifetimes, not enough for us to discern.


Because it would mean we’ve been party to trashing our planet, and would require us to change our ways. People don’t like to be told what they’re doing is harming their planet and that they need to amend the way they do things. It’s easier to say it’s bunk and bury their heads in the sand since they don’t think they’ll see the impact of it in their lifetime. Even though that’s quickly proving to not be the case.


In 1955, my hometown was flood by Hurricanes Connie and Diane. It hasn’t had that kind of hurricane situation since. Someone needs to show how hurricanes are worse now. Certainly the frequency is no more now than before. The 1880’s - 90’s and the 1940’s -50’s seem a lot worse.



Maybe it is because evidence has been unreliable, tampered with, and used to promote a political movement. People old enough to remember the “coming ice age” in the 70’s are not so easily taken in this time.



If people were really concerned about “trashing our planet”, they’d be a lot more concerned about the vastly more polluting countries like India and China than they would about relatively clean 1st world countries like the US and Western Europe.


Oh there’s plenty of concern for polluting countries like China and India, particularly given their massive populations. But they’re also not first world. The first world has to lead the way in such things as we’re already the most developed on how to combat these issues. But make no mistake there is plenty of concern about China and India in particular, and increasing pressure being brought to bear on both of them both externally and internally. I mean the pollution in China’s capital alone is driving them to try and change if just so they can see more than 50 feet in front of them during certain times of the year.

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