New Research: Protestant Churchgoers Stick Around for Theology, Not Music or Preachers


The study of Protestant churchgoers found most are committed to staying at their church over the long haul. But more than half say they would strongly consider leaving if the church’s beliefs changed.


encouraging but not unexpected


The outcome is not alarming. What i find alarming it the thought of having “Church changed it doctrine”as an option.



I wonder if it’s the same for Catholics.


Its been known to happen, example given, some of our Protestant friends have moved homosexuality from the “Sin” to the “OK” category.


I would switch denominations only if I permanently moved somewhere I couldn’t attend ”my own” faith.
Having said that, if my church betrayed it’s heritage in order to cosy up to bigots, I would storm out without bothering to curse the hypocrits on leaving.


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