New robin hood movie
Rigley Scott has something against the Church and we saw it in “kingdom of heaven”, is he gonna do the same with this movie?

it looks good but i don’t like the way he portraits the Church…


Either way, it is actually an immoral story. Stealing from the rich (a sin) and giving it to the poor (noble). But the ends do not justify the means.

I just hope it doesn’t have unnecessary sex scenes or promiscuity, it is becoming near impossible to watch a movie without one. ( I can’t remember, did Gladiator have any?)

nope… no sex scenes in gladiator…
regardless robin hood was a crusader and didnt he mostly stole from the corrupt and the tax collectors?, and one of his men was Friar Tuck.


I would like it to take the path the BBC did in “Robin of Sherwood”, the series which has Robin as the “Son of Herne the Hunter”…the Celtic/British god of the woods who is channelled by a “Priest of the God”…it was a bit anti-Christian in that is set the old pagan beliefs against the church at times and the corruption of the church…some of the episodes was “pro-church”…but let’s face it, even the church went through the dark ages.

It looks okay, but lets get real. Between the classic Errol Flynn version and Kevin Costner’s “Prince of Thieves”, I think the Robin Hood tale has been perfectly covered.

Original version of this script had Robin Hood looking rather like the antagonist and the Sheriff of Knottingham was put in a more sympathetic light by not agreeing with the taxation, etc.

Yeah, my understanding of the original script was that Robin Hood was a persona the sheriff would take on to fight the injustices he was forced to do by Prince John. I was really looking forward to that version and was disappointed when it was changed.

Version I read was Robin Hood was the former sheriff who decided to turn to crime to fight the injustices of the system whereas the new Sheriff of Knottingham wanted to fight it from the inside but also had to deal with Robin Hood.

Let’s not forget the all-time Robin Hood movie is Mel Brooks’ Men in Tights.

Because unlike other Robin Hoods, he can speak with an English accent! :smiley:

CLASSIC! :thumbsup:

Nottingham not Knottingham please. Btw the old BBC series with Robin as the son of Herne the Hunter wasn’t doing anything new, DC comics Green Arrow in the longest running series that character had threw up a similar idea, they postulated he might well be the reincarnation of Robin Hood who in turn had connections or was possibly an avatar of Herne and other pagan gods. And that’s not even an original idea as the legends obviously had echoes of English folklore and myth such as the Green Man. Serious historical scholars say there is little to link Robin and these myths but I disagree as I am a stubborn bugger.

The original story has it’s roots in the ongoing feelings of their country been robbed that the Saxons had after the Normans came to Britain, and Robin isn’t usually indrisciminate about who he takes from in most of the stories, at least the later ones, some of the early material is quite anarchic. Most countries have some similar character, one of the more interesting ones from a Christian point of view might be the Russian Saint Basil, not Saint Basil the Great but Basil the Fool for Christ who went naked and weighed down with chains and stole from shopkeepers and gave to the poor by doing so.

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