New School Nickname Ideas

Hi, my school will be voting on a new mascot or nickname. It is a new Classical catholic school in Ave Maria, Florida. Any nickname ideas???

Well, there’s always Crusaders or Templers.

Demon Deacons, Padres, Cardinals, Dons are all taken.

what about an animal, that seems to offend no one

Please forgive me, but I just can’t help myself… :o

How 'bout the Fighting Virgins or the Mighty Handmaidens? :o

The knights suggestion was good. How about oxen for St. Thomas Aquinus? I know Louisiana has the Saints, but it’s still a great nickname. How about Lights? We are supposed to be a light to our fellow human beings.

The Angels? :shrug:

Now if it was a kindergarten, I would suggest The Cherubs…:p:D

Well, if the Cherubim can be a team name (and of course, anyone who has read Genesis doesn’t see them as cute chubby babies with adowwable lil wingies, but as incomprehensibly terrifying balls of roiling flame bristling with pointy blades), how about the Seraphim? That sounds plenty intimidating, at least! :smiley:

Ooo, let’s see…the Exorcists? The Inquisition (nobody will expect that! :wink: )…lots of fun choices! Hey, the Inquisition even has a readymade fightsong if it’d be okay with you - The Inquisiiition, what a show! The Inquisiiiition - here we go!


The Pelicans.

Pelicans are a common bird down there (I used to live in FL myself) and the pelican is a traditional symbol of Christ (due to the ancient legend that it fed it’s young with it’s own flesh and blood). :slight_smile:

Also, some have already mentioned some choirs of angels, but I think the “Powers” and “Dominations” are angel choirs that make for good mascots!

Actually, Genesis315, it’s “Dominions.” Just so you know. :wink:

But the more I think about it, the better I like 'The Inquisition!" I mean, it would be SO much fun to hear that song arranged as a march for drums, brass, rowdy voices and feet-stomping on bleachers, hehehe.

I personally like the name “the Catholics.”

That’s about as straight-forward as you can get.

Or–you could shorten it to “the Cats.” Now THAT’S a name I like! Cool mascot possibilities. A cat in a cassock–awesome!

Another possibility is “the Vats.” (short for The Vatican). That sounds kind of cool and I think a lot of people would get it. Not sure what the mascot would be–I’ve never been in the Vatican. A pigeon?

Or you could combine and say, “The Vat Cats.” Now that’s really cool. Your float in the community parade would be the best! And it’s fun to say, too.

I hope that “classical Catholic school” doesn’t mean “no fun.” :slight_smile:

I think since it’s in Ave Maria, “The Queens Men” is the only logical choice.

:rotfl: Maybe there can be some torch-carrying/waving as well. :smiley:

Florida is known for a few teams that use singular mascots (Tampa Bay Lightning and the Miami Heat), so how about “The Rock”?

That would represent a solid squad, with an indirect reference to the origin of the papacy!

Isn’t the Unicorn a Christian symbol? I just like the sound of the Ave Maria Unicorns. It looks cool, tool.

Jesus rode a donkey into Jerusalem so why not Donkeys!

The Mighty Mustard Seeds


The boy’s teams Brother Sun
The girl’s teams Sister Moon

That is all that comes to mind right now. This is fun!

I will have to ponder this further.

I’m a student over at the university and my father keeps saying that they should name the womens’ teams the “Ragin’ Rosaries”. :rolleyes: Dad jokes.

I think you should call it the Wild Boar, with all the boar we’ve got around here.

The Ave Maria Hailstorm! Or possibly Hailstones, or just Hail.

(Because I kinda doubt they’d let you call the team the Fires of Hail…)

Florida is known for a few teams that use singular mascots (Tampa Bay Lightning and the Miami Heat), so how about “The Rock”?

The mascot could be someone in a suit similar to … memory lapse… the character in the Fantastic Four comix that says, “It’s clobberin’ time!” - holding a huge set of keys!


You’re thinking of that ever-lovin’, blue-eyed guy, The Thing.

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