New Scottish Terrier on the WAY


Many of you know how sad I was when I lost my Roddy MacDuff last October to cancer. I have been waiting and praying for the right time to get another dog. Well, the new puppy is going to be coming home with me on Nov 16. He is a relative of Roddy (his daddy shares the same daddy as Roddy) and will be named Shaw’s William Wallace MacDuff (and called Duffy).

I will always believe that Roddy was, like St. John Bosco’s Grecio, my angel dog but I have missed having someone with a long, funny nose and puppy breath to love around the house. Pepper Gomezkitty, my oldest cat, will not be pleased; however he has a tendency to think that anything small that comes into the house is a really ugly cat and should be allowed to stay because no one else will want it.

I’m pretty sure that’s why he let’s the kids sleep over…


Yahoo for Roddy’s baby half-cousin!!!:bounce: I can hardly wait to see his little photo.


Aww. How special for you. :slight_smile: I’m so happy your heart is healing.


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