New show, "The Good Doctor", anybody watch it?


I DVR it and watch it the next day. Haven’t missed an episode yet. It’s interesting because we have a son with high functioning Autism. He has very unique things about him because of his Autism but nothing anywhere near what the main character on the show has. I think that the actor who plays Doctor Shaun Murphy does a great job of playing someone with high functioning Autism.


Yes i watch it. Quite interesting.


I watched it a couple of times. While the main theme was interesting, the bedroom scenes, etc. finally made me discontinue.


Know what you mean.


I love it. The actor who plays Dr Murphy must have done a huge amount of research.


I felt like that too but they’ve toned down on that in the latest shows.


Thanks for the update. I don’t think I’ll be watching it though.


My wife and I DVR it for watching at our convenience. I find it to be an interesting look at high-functioning autism. Our grandson is autistic, but doesn’t function at nearly that level.

That said, there are times when disbelief must be suspended, starting with how someone like Sean Murphy could have gotten thru college and medical school to begin with. Also, I think that some of the medical conditions and procedures are rather simplified, but I leave it to someone who is an actual medical person to speak to that issue.



Well they’ve brought up medical conditions already that I had NEVER heard of and I am a nurse but knew only because our older son had one of these conditions years ago. It was so interesting because had he not had that particular condition it would have just been part of the script to me. Of course it’s “Hollywood” so they mostly have an easy answer and solution but this week I was glad they dealt with the opposite ending of a serious case. That actor does a very good job of mimicking the Autism traits. Hope they continue to do research and do episodes on the different aspects of life with Autism for all levels.


I wonder who their consult authority is on the Autism subject. I saw at the beginning it is based on a Korean show or something. Interesting.


According to this article, autism expert Melissa Reiner is consulting on the series. I know nothing about her other than her name.



Not interested in fictional medical shows. Prefer real drs like Dr Oz.


I watch it. Pretty good.


I’m sure Dr. Oz is a good heart surgeon, but I am alarmed at the way he seems overly willing to endorse products that seem like quack medicine to me, for a fee I presume.


My youngest brother has Autism and he was really excited when he first heard about the show. I watched the first episode with him and I think he still watches. I think they did a good job portraying high functioning Autism.


He doesn’t endorse quack products, tomarin. In fact, he discourages his viewers from buying and believing anything that is said to have his blessing when it doesn’t. The products I know he endorses are products I was using before he had them on his show. Products like Eucerin and Dr Teal’s, both of which can be bought at Walmart.


Well all I know is that if people did everything Dr. Oz suggests on his show they’d either be dead or severely ill. He reminds me of those old fashioned medical men at the carnivals. Yes he is a doctor but I’d definitely not let him be my physician even if I could. His show lately is for ratings, all about unsolved murders and cases that have questionable outcomes, etc. He’s in it for the fame and the money. Our nephew is a medical specialist and I mentioned something that was on Dr. Oz’ show once that Dr. Oz supported and my nephew said do NOT listen to him or what he suggests. Not if you want to stay healthy. He goes with any new fad out there.


I don’t like his shows that deal with criminal cases. Now that he’s added Thursday to the usual Tuesday, that’s two days I can’t watch it.


How he keeps his standing in the medical community is beyond me.


The actor who plays Dr. Sean Murphy on The Good Doctor is a really good actor. Freddy Highmore is British and he does a great job with the American accent. I love the show. Haven’t missed an episode yet

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