New Star Trek face-off: Lt. Worf vs. a Tribble

OK gang, the Kirk vs. Picard face-off has been done to death (Kirk rules!), and the Spock vs. Data thread is old news (I grok Spock!).

We all know that Klingons and Tribbles don’t mix, so, for our latest face-off:

Lt. Worf vs. a Tribble

Who rules?? :smiley:

The Tribble in a sneak attack. Otherwise Worf, hands down.

I agree. Worf is tough. But a tribble is so insidious!

Remember the “great Tribble wars”? mentioned in DS9? :rotfl:
That was my favorite episode of DS9 :slight_smile:

Worf always bugged me for some reason so I vote with the Tribbles.


A tribble!?! All they can do is multiply.

Lt. Worf doesn’t do push-ups- he pushes the Enterprise down.

I would presume that the Tribbles liked the Klingons once they became Federation allies. So Worf would have nothing to fear from a Tribble.

And by the way, isn’t that Lt. Cmdr Worf now?

No contest. Lt. Worf paws down.

Technically yes, but he did resign his commission at that rank to become Federation Ambassador to Qo’noS, following which he was reinstated in Starfleet at his former rank. So for social purposes he may also be addressed as Ambassador Worf.

Oh, Worf or tribble? Definitely Worf. Tribbles are just plagarized flat cats:

(scroll down about 1/4 of the page to flat cat.)

Worf would totally scream like a little girl. Tribble wins by forfeit. :stuck_out_tongue:

I believe Worf owns a Bat’leth. Any more questions? :stuck_out_tongue:

Are bat’leths effective against cuteness and soft purring?

Except that a tribble in the vicinity of your average bat’leth user would be screeching, not purring. A bat’leth could be effective against this, but heavy boots would be more effective.

Worf eats the Tribble

Game over!:stuck_out_tongue:

Unless it goes down as Edwin suggests (pun intended :wink: I’d have to go with the Tribble. Worf is just so ineffectual. We frequently play our TNG dvds, and would develop alcohol poisoning right quick if we made a drinking game of Worf’s utter ineptitude. He never takes the initiative, stands there dumbly while people get shot/kidnapped right in front of him, is always too late to actually protect anyone he’s supposed to, suggests nothing that’s actually going to work, and overreacts to an insane degree (it was awful, but we couldn’t stop laughing when his response to Troi’s accelerated pregnancy was to abort it - but we soon had to switch to mocking her, for knowing the kid is going to grow up in approx. 4 hours, sticking him in the ship’s day care, and then whining later about not having enough time with him).

But then most everyone on TNG is terrible at their job, so maybe I shouldn’t discount him so easily :shrug:

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