New Study Claims Abortion Rate Has Dropped: Minority Rate Still Disproportionately High

By Kathleen Gilbert September 23, 2008 ( - A new report from the Guttmacher Institute, the research division of Planned Parenthood, claims there are fewer abortions now than there were thirty years ago, while admitting that minority abortions continue to run high. The report says…

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Oh that LifeSite… they are toying with the truth again.

While it is true that the Guttmacher Institute was established in 1968 as a semi-autonomous part of Planned Parenthood, it became fully independent in 1977. So, for its first nine years it was part of Planned Parenthood, but for the past 31 years it hasn’t been connected to PP, let alone be PP’s “research division”.

it has good news! The rate has fallen pretty far from the highs in the 80’s. The rate has even fallen among women of color, just more slowly than among white women.

Teen age abortion is quite infrequent now as are teenage pregnancies (down to 70 per 1000 to over 100 per 1000.) But they are high among 20 somethings and 30somethings. Especially single women who already have children.

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