New study: contraceptives cause cancer

Again, I’m waiting for her response and not yours. How can you answer for someone else who you don’t know? She came on to a forum and made a generalized statement about how many women are going to die from “cheerfully” taking the pills so they can go out and have casual sex?. What about the married women or women who take it for medical reasons? Is she not concerned about them getting cancer. The point that was made is that women take the pill to be promiscuous. I’m not stupid. The text was very clear.

There’s no buzzsaw of my attack. I don’t go around stereotyping people. It would be the same as me saying: Alcohol has been linked to cancer. How many drunks today, who cheerfully drink because they want to have a buzz, are going to die early deaths because of that choice? It would be sterotyping that everyone who drinks alcohol are nothing but drunks, which is simply not the case.

true, but it stands to reason that going against nature is going to cause problems… 9 times out of 10.

(not 10 out of 10 because… well, I suppose it is going “against nature” to extract a bad tooth…):smiley:

Yeah, there’s been a lot of harm done to all those doctors who have “gone against nature” by providing cholesterol medicine to people with heart conditions. We all know with medical facts that 9 out 10 times, it causes more problems.:rolleyes: We know that “going against nature” and providing radiation treatments and chemotherapy to women of breast cancer has caused more problems than it has helped.:rolleyes:

Why are people living longer now days? Perhaps because we have “gone against nature”?

not sure if you are agreeing, disagreeing, a little of both or… and/or

being somewhat sarcastic??? :confused: :confused:

As someone who does drink alcohol, I would not feel defensive or interpret such a statement that way. Perhaps I am stupid.

Pardon me. I’m just a little agitated today. I didn’t mean any harm.:o

Well, when you make the comments about “one” group of people, then you are making a generalized statement. She could have said, “How many women are going to die because of this choice”? Be she didn’t. She said, “How many women who take this pill “cheerfully” so that they can have casual sex are going to die from this choice”? Her intention was obvious. If you can’t see that, I’m sorry.

It’s not just oral contraception, it’s medicine that has high levels of estrogen in them, too…so many women who are taking estrogen meds during menopause, can have cancer risks. But, what is key to note in that sentence is HIGH levels of estrogen. A lot of the pills made today, are made with lower doses, but if taken for too long, could contribute to cancers. Many medications that people are on for various reasons, contribute to diseases…not just oral contraception. I’m not advocating taking the pill, but I have researched it myself, and it is also a hard thing to pinpoint as directly being linked to that. I have known many women who have had breast cancer who never took a bc pill a day in their lives…so…

I took the pill for a long time for medicinal reasons, and just had my mammogram come back clear…so, not saying it doesn’t elevate it, but I think the older pills, that had higher estrogen levels…caused more problems. Just my two cents.

You may find this site, and document, of interest,it talks about the risk of increased estrogen exposure (portions excerpted):

"Although the National Toxicology Advisory Panel of the National Cancer Institute did not recognize estrogen as a carcinogen until 2001, cancer researchers knew at least as early as 1988 that estrogen is a carcinogen. [3] In fact, the most effective breast cancer treatments in use work by impeding the effect of estrogen or preventing its formation in the patient.

Oral contraceptives and hormone replacement therapy should have been identified as risk factors after the publication of the award-winning Henderson lecture in 1988, entitled “Estrogens as a cause of human cancer.” [3]"

"Estrogen overexposure is particularly harmful for women who’ve never had a full term pregnancy.

Childless women are the most cancer vulnerable because they have primitive Types 1 and 2 lobules, otherwise known as “terminal ductal lobular units” (TDLU’s). [4,5,6] Cancers are known to develop in TDLU’s. Childless teenagers and women who use oral contraceptives are using these drugs during the most cancer-vulnerable period in their lives. The estrogen in oral contraceptives stimulates the young woman’s TDLU’s."

actually, i believe there is a link between HEAVY drinking and cancer. I’ve done a little research about this and also know of people who have been heavy drinkers & ended up with cancer…

but a little drinking prolongs life (red wine, whiskey). All the super-centenarians i read up on drank at least some alcohol.

Correction: MOST of them drank a little alcohol.

Thank you moderator.

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