New Study Finds 70% of U.S. Catholics Do Not Believe in Jesus' Real Presence

It’s time to evangelize.

I’ve flagged this because it is approximately the 7th or 8th thread on the exact same survey.

Please use the search function and quit posting about this same survey every single time a new article is written about the same survey (the one Pew conducted in February, 2019 that keeps being reposted here as a “New Survey”).

The only article posted on this with any new content in the last 2 weeks has been Bishop Barron’s response.

I understand the flag. I was not aware there were others, since this is the top article in church.pop from EWTN of today August 7, 2019. I looked at the date of the research and it is JULY 23, 2019 so I do not know where you get the February date from. I might have missed the date elsewhere.

All of these articles on the “New Survey” are referring to the same survey done by Pew in February 2019. The date is shown on the graphic of the survey data in each case.

Because Catholics are apparently interested in this story, it is being picked up by one after another Catholic news outlet and blog, all of them titling the story “New Survey by Pew blahblahblah”. It’s the same Feb survey every time, the same date is on the graphic in every case.

Yesterday we had two new threads started on this supposed “new survey”. The moderator merged both threads into the existing thread on the (same) Pew survey that was already going since last week.

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