New Study Shows 26% in Oregon Who Requested Suicide Were Experiencing Depression

Commentary by Alex Schadenberg, Executive Director of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition OLYMPIA, October 8, 2008 ( - People in Washington State need to be aware that if the I-1000 assisted suicide Initiative is passed, people who experience depression will not be…

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**Study: Quarter of Oregon Assisted Suicide Victims Depressed, Still Got Drugs

****Washington, DC ( – A new study shows about one-fourth of the people killed in assisted suicides in Oregon were depressed, yet they received lethal cocktails anyway. Researchers at the Oregon Health and Science University conducted the study and skeptic say it shows the guidelines in the assisted suicide law don’t work. Psychiatrist Linda Ganzini, the lead author of the study, says the results show doctors need to do a better job of screening for depression before allowing an assisted suicide to go forward. But Wesley J. Smith, an author and attorney who is a leading euthanasia watchdog, says the **guidelines in the law only a way for assisted suicide proponents to make citizens feel safeguards are in place. ****“As I have repeatedly pointed out, the guidelines are not actually there to protect the vulnerable, but merely to give the appearance of control,” he said in response to the study. **“And if one doctor says no, the patient just goes doctor shopping until one is found who will prescribe–usually referred by [pro-euthanasia] Compassion and Choices,” Smith says. “So, there is no protection of depressed patients in Oregon, and none is really intended.” Full story at

26% are people that are not terminally ill. The culture of death just won’t stop.

God have Mercy on us.
God have Mercy on the USA.**

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