New study shows family structure influences sexual orientation of women

New study shows family structure influences sexual orientation of women

“Classical theory and earlier research focused on the important role which attachment to the same sex parent plays in the sexual development of children,” explained Dr. Fagan.“These data seem to indicate that the father also plays a crucial role in the sexual development of his daughter.”
“With a continued breakdown in the family it is reasonable to expect a rise in homosexual behavior among women,” he added. “Difficulties in the development of sexual identification with the same sex parent will increase where there is a breakdown of attachment between both parents.”


Sorry but I can’t take seriously any “study” that is motivated by nothing more than a political agenda and this study has “agenda” written all over it. Especially from a group who’s main focus it seems is to do anything they can to discrimate against homosexuals or make them appear less equal than the rest of society.

If I’m going to believe any of it I’d like to see results like this from a study group that is not representing either side.

Here are references:

These charts draw on data collected by the National Survey of Family Growth, Cycle 6 (2002). The sample consists of women between the ages of 14 and 44 and numbers 7,643.
2 Michele Dillon, “The Persistence of Religious Identity among College Catholics,” Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 35 (1996): 165-70.
3 Darren E. Sherkat, “Sexuality and Religious Commitment in the United States: An Empirical Examination,” Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 41 (2002): 313-23.
4 Daryl J. Higgins, “Gay Men from Heterosexual Marriages: Attitudes, Behaviors, Childhood Experiences, and Reasons for Marriage,” Journal of Homosexuality 42 (2002): 15-34

HA! Somehow, I had called it about a year ago! :smiley:

I’ve never heard of any of these journals. This is hardly first rate research. It has political agenda writen all over it.

I haven't read the study yet but want to note two things:

  1. It hasn't been published by a reputable scientific journal. Lots of studies are conducted. The question is whether the research is respected, and getting an article published is usually a good sign of that respect.

  2. The Family Research Council was co-founded by George Rekers, the anti-homosexual psychologist who was recently caught returning from a 10 day European vacation with a young male prostitute. FRC is a political/cultural pressure group, with perhaps conflicted motives.

Okay, I read the “study.” It simply reports findings from other surveys. However, those surveys don’t attempt to find causes, which invalidates the title of this thread. The findings do not show that family structure influences sexual orientation, simply that there is a correlation between family structure and self-reported behavior.

[quote=FRC study]As the evidence indicates, more family brokenness in family of origin and less frequent worship correlate positively with homosexual activity.

A perhaps more convincing interpretation is that the socialization within “intact” families and the intensity of one’s religious identification may correlate with denying homosexual activity to strangers administering a poll. Or it may even decrease homosexual activity.

Who knows? :shrug:

Certainly the FRC study doesn’t give us much reason to think one way or the other.


Understanding the Roots of Female Homosexuality

Mothers and Fathers
Relationship with Mother. Typical in the history of women with same sex attraction are failures of attachment with the mother resulting in disidentification (rejection as role model). This can arise from:
A real maternal deficit or weakness arising out of mother’s personal attachment history and developmental difficulties,
Actual maternal neglect, abuse, abandonment or trauma,
Accidental or uncontrollable separation, such as death, adoption, major illness, or mandatory absences due to the necessity of work,
A defensive detachment arising out of the
daughter’s perceptions, sensitivities and
immature conclusion and/or beliefs with respect
to mother, or
Difficulties during pregnancy, birth and after
birth. (19)
A disruption in attachment means that many women with same sex attraction most likely lacked consistent moments of caring attunement. They may have missed

significant ongoing experiences of being the object of another’s undivided, engaged, and regulating attention.
Dr. Elizabeth Moberly states, “to the very young child, the parent is his or her source of being, and so one’s very being is felt to be endangered if the attachment to the parent is disrupted.” (20) Moberly first proposed the model of “defensive detachment” from the same-sex parent as a cause of homosexuality, although the concept of defensive detachment itself was not new. Moberly states:
“…one constant underlying principle suggest itself from amidst a welter of details: that the homosexual-whether man or woman has suffered from some deficit in the relationship with the parent of the same-sex: and that there is a corresponding drive to make good this deficit-through the medium of same sex or “homosexual” relationships.” (21)
She theorizes that this disruption interrupts the process of gender identification and role-modeling that typically occurs through that attachment. The child defensively withdraws from identification with this primary love source and sets up within herself what Moberly calls a “reparative love urge.” (22)
Moberly presents the female “reparative drive” as an unconscious search for mothering. She also notes that defensive detachment can spontaneously resolve, and that no parent is necessarily culpable in disrupted attachment and that an event causing trauma in one child might not necessarily be so for another. (23)
Relationship with Father. Women dealing with same sex attraction more often than not report difficulty in their relationship with father and describe their father in negative terms, such as angry, weak, cold indifferent, remote, or sick. (24) Yet, in many cases, women claim that they were closest to their father, feeling like his best friend, or identified with and desired his power and freedom. This can result in a disowning of her femininity as she is treated like a son or one of guys.
Marital Distress. In their path analysis for lesbianism, Bell et al. found a “negative relationship between parents” as a possible contributing factor in why a girl might disengage from either parent and move toward homosexuality. (25) On going problems in the marriage can cause either parent to become dependent on the daughter to meet their emotional needs, forcing the daughter to lose respect for both parents.

**:bigyikes:Oh no! Say it ain’t so! I guess we’ll add this to the list of many “human beings” who have picked at the splinters in the eyes of others…only to ignore the big beam in their own. **

It reeks of political agenda…for sure:cool:

A study by the Family Research Council? Maybe if it were corroborated by an unbiased source I would take it seriously. If a pro-homosexual organization conducted a study about homosexuality I wouldn’t take it seriously either if you’re wondering.

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