New study shows Man of the Shroud had “dislocated” arms

New analysis of the injury the Shroud of Turin figure endured. Very interesting!:signofcross:

Wow dude

This is heartbreaking! Dislocated shoulder, bleeding lungs, partial paralysis? My God! What have I done to you?

This was a very interesting article. It is amazing what the Lord Jesus was willing to go through for us. Thank you Jesus!

I dont know how they can determine all that from the shroud of Turin, we all know Jesus went thru this and he was nailed to the cross, but according to the article, he would have been eventually blacked out unconscious from all this pain.

All this and it STILL was not enough to include original sin…WOW, what would it have taken for OS to be included I wonder?

Jesus’ death and resurrection redeemed mankind (that is, made it possible so that we could be saved) and reconciled mankind with the Father, He didn’t wash away mankind’s sins. He washes away our sin with his mercy and forgiveness when we ask for it with a sincere and contrite heart.


Tens of thousands of people–maybe many more–have been crucified.
From what I’ve read, these injuries are what experts have often thought would and did occur with this kind of death.


:slight_smile: Yes. But not everyone had a crown of thorns, their side run through with a spear and then zapped a 3D image into into their burial cloths prior to disapperaring.

I haven’t read that anyone else wore a crown of thorns–tho if they claimed to be the King of the Jews and were crucified for such a sedition, could be. Since many had their legs broken and other terrible things done to them, I guess a spear in the side is very, very possible, too.
But we have so little information on all these crucifixions, it’s hard to know.
All those poor people dying in such a horrible way–awful. I wonder if it really did act to deter others from committing crimes as it was supposed to.


Medically, is a “dislocated” shoulder the same as a “separated” shoulder?

I see an NHL hockey player played with 2 “separated” shoulders.
(May 14th entry)

So very disturbing and thought provoking. How unbelievable what He went through for us. God have mercy on us and on the whole world.

Interesting the scientists are supporting another gospel parallel with the man not being able to continue carrying a heavy object on his shoulders.

A separate investigation uniquely traced the rock particles found on the shroud man’s feet and knee images to Jerusalem.

At least we’re no longer talking about paintings and various other artworks anymore.

A couple of thoughts.

First, from the book, “A Doctor At Calvary,” by Pierre Barbet, he describes double bleeds at that hands, which he said were from the crucified man lifting himself up on the cross in order to breath and then dropping down after he took a breath. The double nailing of the hands in the article could be actually as Dr Barbet described ? Seems more probable than the OP article assessment.

Also, the article talks about pre-drilled holes, which was consistent with the Delourous Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ, but not with historical accounts of Roman crucifixions. There would not have been a need for pre-drilled holes to crucify a man. Square nails can be driven into wood, no problem.

The following is my thinking.

Jesus crucifixion was not a usual Roman crucifixion.

The high priest Caiaphas, heard the stories about Jesus’ miracles and the prediction of his rising from the dead. In the Delorous Passion, Caiaphas had a special cross made for Jesus to guarantee nothing would go wrong. This cross had pre-drilled holes for the hands, so that they could bend the nails on the back of the cross beam, as they did in the Passion. This was done to prevent Jesus from falling off the cross, which sometimes happened in crucifixions, but if this happened with Jesus, the people would attribute to a miraculous sign that he was the Messiah.

Also, in the Delorous Passion, after they nailed Jesus right hand, they discovered that his left hand wasn’t long enough to reach the pre-drilled hole. If you recall the movie, they tied a rope around his left hand and pulled until it did reach, then they nailed it. This could be the cause of the dislocated shoulder ?

Ironically, when they filmed the movie the Passion, which is from the book, “The Delorous Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ,” actor Jim Caviezel, suffered from a dislocated shoulder, after he fell with the cross. The article says this was the cause of the dislocated should of the man on the Shroud.

We’ll never know for sure until we meet Jesus in the life to come, but it’s interesting and mysterious.


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