New Swiss Guards commander ready to defend pope against Islamic State

Vatican City (dpa) - Security staff around Pope Francis is ready to defend the leader of the world’s 1.2 billion Catholics against Islamic State fundamentalists, the new head of the Swiss Guards said in an interview Wednesday.

“What happened in Paris with Charlie Hebdo can also happen here in the Vatican, and we are ready to intervene to defend Francis, at any moment,” Lieutenant Colonel Christoph Graf told Il Giornale, an Italian newspaper.

It was the first interview given by the 54-year-old commander since being appointed to the post on February 7.

I fear he will be called to deliver on that pledge.

I certainly hope not. An attack on the pope would be an unspeakable tragedy. It would probably mark the start of the “Holy War” that ISIS seems to want so much.

-]/-]I sometimes wonder… If ISIS attacked the Vatican, but not the city proper of Rome itself, would non-Catholic Christians and secular counties come to defend the Vatican?

Now, attacking Italy is one thing, I’m sure some nations would come. But if they attacked just Vatican City, would non-Catholics respond?

non catholic fundamentalist christians will join ISIL to attack the Vatican.They despise the Pope and the Catholic church in general.If I have to choose between moderate Muslims and Fundamentalist Christians as my allies ,I will choose the former.I havent heard any moderate Muslims labelling the Pope as the whore of Babylon,Catholics will all go to hell ,but the Fundies do.How many times have these groups (Fundies)disrupted Masses,desecrated statues,burned,hacked to death worshippers.If i visit Fundies websites,you cannot believe how they abkor the CC.I havent encountered Moderate Muslims,who hate the CC.

Rather an improbable scenario at best.

Someone’s been drinking too much crazy kool-aid…

If the unlikely does happen, maybe the Papal Zouaves can be brought back.

I’m sure there are a lot of volunteers, in this forum alone, that will like to sign up.

The Vatican is a part of NATO, though Italy.

No need for that, just enlarge the Swiss Guard and Vatican Police a bit. Between those two units there are around 240 armed personnel guarding the Vatican already. If security was felt to need more they could do arm some more and train some more if need be.

“We have the difficult task of guaranteeing his safety,” Graf said.

The commander confirmed that his guards have been on higher alert in recent weeks.

The 110-strong Swiss Guard, known for their Renaissance-style uniforms in blue, red and yellow, said to have been inspired by Raphael’s frescoes, have protected Catholic Church leaders since 1506.

Except for a little glich in 1981, that’s a pretty good record. Must be the little axes. Or those versatile little knives! :wink:

How could someone engage in a fight against those cute, strambotic uniforms. :stuck_out_tongue:

Seems like everyone should be ready to defend against ISIS.

There would be no Holy War or any other kind of war. A new Pope would be named and the old Pope would be declared a martyr for the faith. The Church of Christ would continue as in ages past. Isis, or anyone else for that matter, would find it useless to attack the Pope. It wouldn’t change the Church or the faith by one iota.

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