New testament first

is it ok to read the new testament first then the old, so anxious to read it

Absolutely. In fact, I would actually suggest you read the NT first, then the OT, then the NT again. The NT sheds light on the OT and understanding the OT brings out an even greater appreciation of the NT :thumbsup:

Yes, and it is highly reccomened. You need to read the old as well, its very important too. But I would familiarize yourself with the Gospel and Acts, then move into the Letters and the OT in parellel.


In order to** fully** understand the New Testament, one should have at least a passing knowledge of the Old Testament or Hebrew Scriptures. Much of what happens in the New testament was foreshadowed and prophesized in the Old. In fact many of the passages that we assume to be strictly from the New Testament are actually from the Old and are fulfillment of prophecy.

I would reccommend reading Genesis, Exodus and Leviticus, then Daniel, Issiah and Zacchariah, interspersed with the Psalms and Proverbs. That should give you pretty good idea on the theology that Jesus Christ taught from.

Then the Gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, followed by Acts and the various Pauline letters or epistles, particularly Romans and Corinthians… At this point I would return to the Old Testament and read the books of the Maccabees.

I think if you follow that basic sequence you will be amazed at what you find and truly inspired to read more.

Of course, reading the Bible in any sequence is OK, but I think the way that I described, will be of benefit to one who truly wants to grow in and appreciate the faith.

Hope your path is a good one.

I would suggest getting a well known study Bible, like the King James version. These Bibles usually have from one to several pages of Comments before each Book of the old Testament. I would suggest reading those Comments before starting an in depth study of the New Testament. At least you will have a basic knowledge of what transpired before Jesus arrived. The Protestant Comments in the King James Version will be the literal point of view rather than a methodical view taken by many Catholics. The choice is yours.


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