New Testament Greek


Can anyone point me to a good beginner book on New Testament Greek.
I am not taking any classes and have no background in Greek so I need simple. Thank you.


Essentials of New Testament Greek (Hardcover)
by Ray Summers


I recommend by J.W. Wenham with audio CDThe Elements of New Testament Greek. Ignore the strange title at the link; it’s incorrect but the product is the correct one as long as you order “new” or “like new” (I know because of the ISBN and because I ordered it myself awhile ago).

You can also get the answer key. I believe it’s out-of-print, and so this accounts for the outrageous prices; it would be a good idea to wait for a more reasonably priced one to be available before ordering it. Mine was approximately $8 (compared to the $24 asked right now at Amazon!). Otherwise, you can search the ISBN of the answer key at to see if other places sell it at better prices.



Thank you.

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