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I’ve always believed that there’s only one truth. Whether we are aware of that truth or not, it remains true, nonetheless. (A blind person who doesn’t see a book on a table doesn’t make the book any less present).

That which was written in the New Testament, then, was true even before it was written, even though people weren’t yet aware of this truth

Were people who lived in, say, 100 BC subject to the teachings of the New Testament?

Is there a possibility that another Testament could be written in the future? If so, we might not yet be aware of future teaching that is already true.


Only in the way that the New Testament is the fulfillment of the Old.
Presuming they were a Jew, they would have been held to the precepts of the Old Law, precepts which were then perfected and brought to wholeness in the New Covenant.

No. The Canon of Scripture is closed, as it has been since the death of the last disciple, John.


Is there a possibility that another Testament could be written in the future? If so, we might not yet be aware of future teaching that is already true.

No. Christ is the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End.


True, in that Christ is The Word. All of scripture is fulfilled in the person of Christ. I know much of the reformed community doesn’t accept this, but that is the heart of the Gospel.
God has given us not a book, but a savior.
The scriptures point to Christ, not to themselves.


Some have believed that the canon of scripture was not closed since the death of John. For example the Muslims, the Mormons and other churches that believe the Book of Mormon is scripture, the Family of Love, Swedenborg and the churches that follow him, the Church of the Living Word, the Baha’is, the Azelis.


Some thought that the Holocaust was moral. That doesn’t change truth. Truth is truth is truth, regardless of what others think


Yes, I do believe the Holocaust was immoral. I believe every genocide was immoral, including the genocides the Bible talks about, against the Canaanites, Amorites, Hivites, Hittites, etc.
But as far as whether any scriptures that religions have, are the truth, I don’t know about that. Whether we will get new scriptures, I don’t know that either.


Sorry - I was assuming you were a Catholic in my previous post


I didn’t know you were assuming that.


And that’s my bad- so, sorry if I cam across too strong


No need to apologize. You stated your opinion, and I respect your opinion.


Some yes, some no.

Because the moral law predates the New Testament. The Jews had the Torah, and mankind has the natural law written on their hearts. Marred by sin, people had various levels of knowledge and free will to transgress the law, and culpability varied— as it still does today.

No. Jesus’ incarnation is the fullness of Divine Revelation. Jesus was the completion and perfection of divine revelation. There is no more revelation with the death of the last Apostle.


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