New Texas Bathroom Bill May Spark North-Carolina-like Uproar


This report is about the ongoing bathroom war in the U.S and Canada, sparked by the recent move of gay activists to mandate that transgender people, who identify themselves as members of the opposite sex, be allowed to freely use the bathrooms and other facilities of the opposite sex. This particularly is rousing fierce resistance from parents who worry that their children will face members of the opposite sex who have freely come into their bathrooms and school locker rooms. Besides Texas, North Carolina, Virginia and Kentucky have also proposed gender-separate legislation.


In locker rooms, some degree of privacy is needed. I would be uncomfortable using one if I was forced to undress in the same area as a man who believes himself to be female.


Praying for the USA. Just getting out of hand…imo.



Probably the best thing do to is somehow get this out of the news and the cultural mainstream.

The reason these abuses of kids are occurring is because some folks are feeling more empowered.


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