New threads not immediately showing up on the Latest Threads page


I’ve been noticing lately when I start a new thread, it doesn’t seem to show up on the Latest Threads page until somebody answers it. Is anyone else seeing this? It seems like someone has to go browse in the subforum and respond to the thread at least once before it shows up in the place where most people would be seeing it.

If that’s how it actually works, and I’m not missing something here, that doesn’t seem like a great way to get new threads seen.


Just as an example - I’m not seeing other people’s threads either until somebody responds. MariaChristi had her usual First Friday Reminder thread and I was wondering why I didn’t see it. I went to First Friday anyway because I happened to remember on my own, but when I came back from Mass I looked in the subforum and there was her thread. It appeared to have not made it to the front page of “latest threads” because no one had commented on it yet. I find this annoying because it used to be that “Latest threads” on the old board included all the newly created threads (except prayer intentions of course because they overwhelm everything else).


Interesting observation. Is it perhaps that they show up in “New” section but not the “Latest” section? The way I understand it is that the “New” section contains all the new topics a person has yet to read while the “Latest” includes all topics (regardless of age) that have the most recent posts. I would think that should include newly created topics, but perhaps it doesn’t appear until someone else has commented on it. It does see like they should show up under “latest.” I wonder if that’s a bug or a feature. :thinking:


I think I saw Maria’s topic before any replies so you could be onto something.


When I go to “Latest”, I can scroll down and see some threads with zero posts.


I bet you’re right. I didn’t know there was a difference. The “Latest” page is what shows up by default when I visit the site. I’ll have to see if I can change that in my settings.


I too have noticed this and agree with you


Patrick [PJM]


I have wondered what the difference is between latest, new and top.


You see other people’s latest posts. Since you posted it, it’s not latest for you.


OK, well I just made a new thread in “World News” and I went to the “New” page to see if it popped up in “New” threads. It’s not there.

Is that because it’s not “new” for me, or do the threads take a few minutes to show up there, or what?

Stuff like this makes me wonder how many new threads I miss because they simply don’t show up on the pages where I expect to see them. I don’t really want to have to read all 8 or whatever subforums to see all the threads.


I wouldn’t expect it to show up on the new page if you created the thread. I think it only includes threads that you have not yet entered. That’s the impression I have anyway. Whether it works that way all the time or not, I couldn’t say.


You might want to have a look at Consider topics new when:. You can find that on the notifications section of your profile.


Thanks, I’ll check that out


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