New to anima is Trinity Blood any good

Hello everyone:D

I rencently gotten very intersted in anime/ manga (I kind of aways liked it but when my friend lost interst I did to). What got me into anime was the the seriers Suzuka but I would like to get into some more seriers and I am wondering if Trinty Blood is any good. It looks like a sereis I could really get into I am also asking if there any anti catholic stuff in there or does it in fact support catholism.

Oooh also plz feel free to suggest some anime/or manga that I might be interseted in.

If you’re at all familiar with Hellsing, Trinity Blood is essentially Hellsing for girls, except the Catholics are the good guys in Trinity Blood. There is the occasional weirdness like the guy getting arrested in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, the Pope being a thirteen-year-old boy being manipulated by his siblings for part of the series, and the main character being a vampire hunting priest who’s also a vampire, but it’s harmless “Oh Japan” weirdness rather than anything blasphemous. I’ve never seen the anime, though I’ve read the comic, but I’m told the anime is pretty confusing.

… I can’t think of any good shows off the top of my head that you’d be interested in, with you having only mentioned Trinity Blood and Suzuka. There is Vampire Knight, which is pretty much Japanese Twilight, but that’s only available in Japan or from subtitled videos on Youtube.

I am not familer with hellsing but i am also seem to like negima and Tsubasa Resevor chronicle

Tsubasa? Have you tried xxxHolic? Same authors/artists, and especially in the later volumes it contains a lot of references to what’s going on in Tsubasa. It’s what’s going on back at the ranch with Yuuko from the first volume of Tsubasa.

… It seems like you like magic/fantasy anime. I hate to ask, because a lot of people make fun of it, but have you tried Inuyasha? It’s a little old, but you might enjoy it.

Possible i mean i would b eopen to trying Inuyasha ( in fact I think I my libary acutly has some of it). I seem to see it in all the used book stores and could probly pick up for a not a lot of money

It’s been years since I saw Trinity Blood but Nevarlander hit it.

Okay so trinty blood is not anti catholic (very good to know). I also have to ask how good is moonphase. It looks preatty good but I have not seen enough of it to be sure

My sister (a.k.a. my family’s resident bishounen fan girl) absolutely adores the show. Vampires turn her on more than anything nowadays. XD

If you’re looking for another cool show with Catholic elements however, I suggest you try D.Gray-man. Being an Exorcist has never looked cooler! 8D

Wow! Can it be!? I’m not the only person who thought of it that way!? :eek:
YAAAAAY!! XD is suddenly mobbed by fangirls


So do you think trinty blood is any good

Pretty much what has allready been said, Trinity Blood is Hellsing with out the over the top graphic violence and designed with a Female Audience in mind.

The thing which i enjoyed about Hellsing was the complete over the top Anglican vs Roman Catholic vs Nazi theme going on. You gotta love Iscariot and Alexander

That being said, a great anime to watch is PlanetES

So I have to ask but is negima an a approcate anima

winces Ehh… well, most people here would definitely say no. >.>;; Then again, if you can appreciate the humor in fan service, I personally don’t see the problem. :shrug:

So is the reason people dont think it is approate is beacuse the humor is a bit off or is it the fact that there are a lot of sexual refrences

The sexual part. It’s a little difficult to explain without a proper example but the humor in fan service isn’t really the nudity but the punishment awaiting those who, you know, caused those little ‘accidents’. :o

wait what do you exactly mean by fan service. I am still new to anima and i do not know what that is

Ehh… you don’t know what fan service is…? o_O;;

Hmm… how do I put it this way, it’s basically the term given to all things involving ecchi and nudity in anime. >.>;;

aaaah i see

So the fan service may make want to reconsider this series

If you can’t handle it, yeah.

Well I think I can handle it preatty well and all of sex is not the reason why really want to read or watch the seriesis that what you mean by handling it:confused:

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