New to Latin Mass - wish to learn

I’ve never been to a Latin Mass, either the Tridentine or the NO said in Latin. As a convert to the Catholic faith, the only Mass I have ever heard is the one said regularly at the parish I attend. Which I am inclined to believe, from what I’ve read hear I’m quite sure, is the N.O. Mass.

I converted to the Catholic faith about 23 or 24 years ago whilest I was in my 30s. So I am quite old enough that other Catholics my age may well be quite familiar, if a bit rusty, with the Tridentine mass, but I am not.

I’ve read threads on here which say that the N.O. mass is quite similar to the “old” Lutheran service (the old red hymnal) which was what I grew up with. So one might say that I have known the N.O. all my life. I feel quite comfortable with the current Mass, but with the probable “re-introduction” (is that the right way to say it) of the Traditional Latin Mass, I have become curious to learn more about the traditions and litergy of the faith which entered into so many years ago.

So with all that as back ground, what I am asking of anyone is where or how should I best learn about the Latin Mass. I would like to attend one some day, I look forward to that, but I certainly don’t want to do anything so incorrect as to show disrespect, even if it is just from my lack of knowledge.

Thank you in advance for any guidance which may be given to me.

You’ve come to the right place. :slight_smile:

I’d start with the videos at the very top of this forum:

Here is a side by side comparison of the texts…

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