New to me Christianity site


I stumbled across this site which seems to have a catholic bent. It uses LOTS of scripture and not only helps with apologetics, but also with our spirituality as catholics.

I the owner of the site is J.Dominguez M.D. A medical doctor. I’ve never heard of him but as I keep reading, I feel he needs more emails from us to encourage him to keep up his internet evangilisation.

So many links in there too!

I found the “home” which is a short lesson on all kinds of different religions… I really am impressed with this site


After giving it a quick once over, it looks ok. i think if anyone finds anything that they like they should send him a e-mail to let him know that there are people out there reading his sites and apreciate his hard work in spreading the word of God. I think its a good site not a lot of bells and whistles just good ol’e scripture and admiration of God and jesus which is typicaly Catholic.


This is definitely a Catholic site

According to his site he spoke with Mother Theresa

I love what he says here:

“Honestly, I pray everybody to become a Christian, and every Christian to become a Catholic, and every Catholic to be a Saint”

Also, here is his biography (this site is a bit hard to navigate)


Thanks Laboto-me. I knew there was a good reason we kept you around. Chuckles


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