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Good Evening. I’m not sure if this would be the place to post some of the questions that I’m struggling with, those with regards to the faith. This is my first post, I’ve been reading posts here for a couple of months. I am 38 year old mother of 3 sons. I am preparing to begin RCIA classes in less than a month and have been attending mass for about two months now. I was raised Baptist, baptized at age 14 and stepped foot inside my first cathedral about 2 months ago. I immediately fell in love with the church, the message, the structure of it all. My husband graduated from a Catholic high school and having grown up surrounded by the Catholic religion does not seem to question some of the things that I do…and when I ask him questions, his answer is generally something like “I just always knew it to be that way” or “That’s the way I learned it”. I cannot blame him at all for this, and he suggested that I take to this site to ask some of the questions that I’d been bothered by. My family, who are not Catholic - in fact don’t go to any church at this point, don’t really understand my choice to follow Catholicism, in fact the last time I was at my sister’s, she told me that my dad called Catholics a “bunch of Mary worshipers”. I am having a hard time being able to defend the faith well since I am so new and don’t really understand it all that well myself, other than the things I’ve read online, the masses I’ve attended, and a couple of great books that I’m still currently reading. Any suggestions? Am I in the wrong section of this site? How can I feel positive/excited/faithful when I find it hard to defend my choice and I still question some of the doctrines myself?

Look at Abraham, Noah St. Peter and all the other apostles…

Just like you they felt a nudge or direct call to follow God.

Did they have questions? fears? misunderstandings ? Yep! You’re in good company… lol.

Just start by reading the gospels…the 12 Jesus personally trained…they kept making mistakes, Jesus keeps pointing out their lack of faith, their screw ups…etc etc…

BUT JESUS LOVED THEM TO PIECES…this is where you can find your joy and excitement…you’re starting a REAL relationship with Christ…and in like all relationships…it takes time getting to know the other person…and the journey is beautiful.

And don’t worry about those speaking poorly of you. They speak out of ignorance! This is a very special time because u have the chance to show Jesus how much you truly love and trust Him already. You’re in the dark, you’re following only what you can grasp in spite of confusions, darkness, and people making fun of you. That’s beautiful.

Not only do you not know the answers to defend your faith…I’ll bet you can’t even defend yourself! as to why you are doing what you are doing…that’s because conversion is a very personal thing…it’s the beginning of a relationship between Him and you and no one needs to understand it!

Right now as far as your knowledge goes…it comes with time. Many protestant claims against the church of full of ignorance and VERY basic and easy to break a part…with a little time you’ll be able to break down most of them…they’re very repetitive as to what they come at us with …lol. But for now… don’t worry about being able to defend or know answers. It’s not necessary right now…you don’t need to appease or please anyone right now…you’ll learn what you need to learn to be pleasing in Gods eyes…and that should be your aim right now. Make that the reason for learning at the moment and embrace this time of “darkness” of the mind …it’s a place God can use to help you grow.

God bless and good luck on your journy

I can’t tell you what this post meant to me… Thank you so much, I needed those kind words. I will sleep better tonight after reading what you wrote.

lol…I was just shooting for a thanx.

As a matter of fact…my internet shut down and I lost my initial post… but I found u again and tried to remember what I wrote the first time (something told me to go back and take the time to repost it).

Welcome Home…and may God Bless you, truly…hopefully you will get something from RCIA…unfortunately it’s my belief that most of those classes are very basic…I attended RCIA just out of curiosity and was somewhat disappointed…I am sure that things are different in different parishes…I hope you Parish offers a good program…I was told by a Priest friend that everyone is expected to continue to learn on their own…unfortuately there are those who convert because of a spouse and although really seem to embrace the Catholicity they seem to lack something in their appreciation for the richness of the faith…a good rule of thumb is to not allow yourself to be backed in a corner by family members, who because of no fault of their own down understand what the Church teaches. i.e. we don’t worship statues or Mary…Archbishop Fulton Sheen (I Believe) said that most people just hate what they ‘think’ they know about Catholicism…It’s amazing what people don’t know about what the Church teaches. A very good friend/colleague and his wife came over to visit one evening and I asked their son (5th grader) how school was going…he had been going to a Catholic grade school…his reply was …he didn’t attend school there any more,He went to a Christian church now…I asked him who he thought that Man was on the Crucifix…although it was not the time or place to catechize, I was holding myself back from marching head on into a defense of the Faith…good luck , stay kind and loving to your Protestant family…no doubt they love God very much too…Pax

Hi, OneSeeker -

I know what you mean. I was raised protestant, but in early 1970’s Georgia there were race riots going on. The public elementary school where I attended first grade shared property with a high school where there were bloody race riots, with a school bus being overturned and burned, and the National Guard called out by the governor to keep the peace. Soldiers lined the main street, armed with M16 rifles.

My parents decided to put my brother and me into private school, and the only option was a Benedictine Catholic school. The students attended weekly Mass. Being protestant, my brother and I were allowed to skip this Mass and study in the library, but I wanted to check it out. I will never forget the first time I stepped foot into a Catholic Church. There was a PRESENCE there. I was from an Anglican (Episcopal) background, so the “trappings” were not so different, but there was a PRESENCE there. I felt it.

My brother must have felt it also, surely even more than me. My brother is Father Eric Filmer of the Catholic Diocese of Savannah, GA, and he is an accredited apologist on Catholic Answers Forum.

I would suggest responding with “That’s an interesting question but, not being a professional theologian, I do not have an answer on hand right now. Let me tell you what: I’ll look it up/ask my priest/ask someone who has been in the Church for a while and I’ll get back to you.” Repeat that a few times, in a calm, measured tone, and they should get the point.

There is a lot of good information on the CA website about the common protestant objections to Catholicism. The search function will turn them up.

The best basic source on Catholicism may be Father Trigilio’s “Catholicism for Dummies.” The best source overall for information on Catholicism is the “Catechism of the Catholic Church.”

Welcome. Good to have you with us.

Thank you everyone for your warm welcome and words of encouragement and reassurance. I’m so excited in my faith and in the journey yet to come. My son (one of three) is three years old and will baptized soon…not exactly sure when, but the priest said as soon as possible. I’m thrilled to bring him into the faith at a younger age (my other sons are 12 and 10). Glad to have the fellowship in faith that this site brings…thank you! :gopray2:

So happy for you!

When I was coming into the church I found anything by Scott Hahn or Marcus Grodi to be immensely helpful, books or youtube videos.


Welcome to the party. We’ve been waiting for you!

(spiritually speaking, of course)

As for those who question you, or challenge you–meh. If they’re not happy with their own lives there’s not much you can do about it. Live by example, and let them argue with the wind.

Defending the faith takes knowledge. So being new to Catholicism, don’t feel bad. It takes time and lots of study to be able to defend what you believe.

Where are you going online to read about the faith?

What books are you currently reading?

You’re on the right site and forum to ask your questions. Welcome aboard!

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