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The “create topic” button scrolls off the screen after about 20 lines of typing. I can refresh the page, and click when the button pops back up, but on “off” days, this is impossible.

What does the webmaster have to say about this? Can they go in and adjust the code?

Mrs Cloisters OP


Hi @Cloisters,

If I can jump in to help here to help you out with a reply, you can find the New Topic button over in the same section where you find your Categories List.

You’ll see it listed as the little “Top” link when you go in that area.

Click on the word “Top,” and it will bring up the button for whatever forum section you’re posting in.

So for example, if you’re here in Site Feedback, you can bring it up for here, and if you go to another category, it can come up for that one, and so on. :slightly_smiling_face:

Editing to add, if you’re not sure how to get to the Categories List, you can find it by going to the triple bar icon ( “Hamburger Menu icon”) up in the top right upper middle corner of your screen, next to your user icon, and clicking on that.

That brings up a menu of the CAF Categories, and everything else that is listed that you pretty much need to find, regarding CAF.

God bless you!


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