New Translation of the Mass

I have heard some discussion about the New Translation of the mass that is being worked on right now, and one of the apologists was reciting the new translation of the Creed that will be used in mass. When will this new translation go into effect in our regular masses? Thanks.

I don’t know if anybody knows for sure. From what I understand, the new text was approved in 2007. Heres a link to the USCCB website for more information:

Right now it’s looking like the final approval for the propers and things like that should be granted sometime by August 2010, with a hope that the new translation will go into effect either in late 2010, or possibly Advent 2011.

I don’t voluntarily attend the vernacular OF, so this issue is not of much concern to me, yet I’m amazed by the absurdly long delay in getting the translation up-and-running. Last year, it was supposed to have been by Advent 2009, which is fast approaching with no “hint of mint” (to use a tired old cliche). This has been going on how long now? 5 or 6 years? Almost unbelievable. :shrug:

Rome works very slowly. There have already been some points that are not agreed upon. This has been in the works for years. As Americans, we do not understand why everything can not be done right now. There is a nap time everyday for workers in Italy. Those in the Vatican observe this. When you say it will be done by such and such a year, the clergy laugh. They know how slowly the system works. The upside is that a lot of thought and work will go into it to it to render a closer translation to the text from the original language.

There is also the fact that the entire Missal has been divided into separate books, each translated on its own and then submitted to the national conferences for discussion & approval or discussion & revision. Then once all the conferences have approved a book it is submitted to Rome who may accept or request changes. Multiply that by at least, what, 8 books and it makes for a very slow process.

It didn’t help that the USCCB rejected books that all the other conferences had accepted thereby further delaying the process.

It is believed that the implementation will be Advent of 2011, a good 2+ years in the future. That gives us ample time to study the new translations and prepare for them (priests, religious, and laity). If you are looking for something now, I humbly recommend my own book on the new translation of the people’s prayers, found in my signature below. There is a whole chapter on the new translation of the Apostles’ Creed and the Nicene Creed. The chapter is a mini-catechism of the creeds, and apart from Pope Paul VI’s Hac Solemni Liturgia, it’s the only catechism on the Nicene Creed that I know of (since most – if not all – Catechisms base themselves on the Apostles’ Creed).

Not that slowly. In the case of the new translations, I am afraid to say that our own conference, as I have kept up with the issue, has been the one holding back the wheels of production. However, the CDWDS has told the USCCB that they will move forward with the translation regardless of how the outcome of the vote will be next month.

The other caveat is that the USCCB has petitioned for “Christ has died…” to be restored as a Memorial Acclamation. I am hoping that Rome rejects this request. Just because we’ve been having to sing this for many years does not necessarily make it the right thing. The Memorial Acclamation is addressed to Christ in the second person.

The target date for implementation is Advent 2010.

I’d have thought approval of the translation would have been sufficient when the Holy See did so in summer 2008, but approval of the text of the translation and approval of books using said translation are apparently two different things. Plus other little things like the Memorial Acclamation mentioned by Benedictgal only serve to delay the process.

With the last of the books not being voted on by the USCCB until November this year, Advent 2010 or 2011 sounds likely. Depends how soon the Holy See grants final approval so that prep work can begin on training/catechesis. Next year if it’s quick and the year after if it’s not. Hoping for next year, but setting my expectation on the year after so I’m not disappointed :slight_smile:

And a big thumbs up on your book, Japhy. Great resource :thumbsup:

I don’t think it can happen that fast. The liturgical books need to be typeset, proofread, and printed. Then distributed. And there must be catechesis. My book is, as far as I know, the first readily available catechesis on the new translation. There are other older resources that deal with the concept of a new translation, but not a lot of new material. Yes, there are bits and pieces (like the document on pro multis and the Q&A about et cum spiritu tuo), but nothing comprehensive.

Yes, it’s one thing to approve a translation, it’s another to permit its use. South Africa learned that the hard way. They jumped the gun and started using the translation without teaching about it. Bad move. :frowning:

Thank you. :slight_smile: I sent a complimentary copy to Catholic Answers, so maybe if they like it you’ll see it appearing in the sidebar as a book for sale through them… :wink:

But that was just the Ordinary of the Mass. There were still all the collects and prefaces for the various Masses. They aren’t going to allow the translation to be introduced piecemeal, it has to wait until the entire Mass can be said with the new translation.

Here’s a link to the USCCB’s website that’s been set up to deal with the implementation of and questions regarding the new translation of the Mass.

I had presumed at the time that the translation covered everything, not just the Ordinary of the Mass :o

Understandable misunderstanding. :slight_smile:

A priest friend of mine noted that it took the Allies less time to defeat Nazi Germany than it taken to make and approve this translation.

All true, but since the common Mass texts have been completed for years now, there is very little reason the vast majority of the catechisis cannot be accomplished now. That way it is all done by the time the texts that include the propers is published.

At the rate they’re going, it’s going to rival the 100 Years War :stuck_out_tongue:

It would seem that there may be politics or something involved to slow it so much.

I just want the translations to be in use before December 21, 2012. I would love to at least have a good long time to enjoy them before the Mayan prophecies start to kick in and ruin everything. :smiley:

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