New Translation of the OF

When does the new translation of the OF officially go into effect?

Probably not until Advent 2010 at the earliest.

Check out the USCCB’s website for all the info on the new translation of the Roman Missal:

One of the questions in the FAQ is: ?Missal In short, the U.S. Bishops will vote on the final sections at their meeting this November, and they anticipate the Holy See will issue the final approval in early 2010.

In light of this, it seems likely that Advent 2010 would be the earliest possible start date. They need to leave plenty of time following the final approval for the new texts to be published, printed, and distributed to all the English-speaking parishes in the world. :slight_smile:

This is correct except for the distributed part. I believe each parish will have to buy the books.

Yes. By “distributed”, I meant “distributed only after paying the purchase price”. :slight_smile:

However, according to one report that I heard (and am still trying to get a confirmed source), Bishop Serratelli, the chair of the USCCB’s Committee on Divine Worship, noted that if the bishops do not vote on this one, then Rome will implement with or without them. I think that it is just about time. I have sent my bishop an email imploring him to please hang tough and vote with Bishop Serratelli.

I would urge ALL people here to study this new translation and get used to it.

I wonder how it will affect the liturgical texts of Episcopal, Lutheran, and other churches?

That wouldn’t surprise me. None of the other English-speaking bishops’ conferences have taken this long to approve the translation!

Why should it matter to these ecclesial communites? By the way, the document Dominus Iesus does not refer to them as churches, rather ecclesial communities.

These ecclesial communitees adopted the ICEL translation that we use today for their liturgical texts. Would they want to maintain commonality with Catholics? I’ve wondered this.

(I just chanced to attend a Lutheran service with a friend back in 1979 or so on the day they implemented change. It was actually rather amusing to hear all the people stumbling over the change. I knew the proper responses better than than any of the Lutherans.)

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