New Translations Beyond the Missal

Hey Everyone,

So I’m very much on board with the new translation of the missal coming into effect this Advent. Frankly I’m a little peeved that I grew up my whole life without the richness the Mass has always had and I just never knew about because I had a not-so-good translation. But I digress.

I work in ministry and while I’m very familiar and understand the changes coming to the mass, I’m wondering if and when there will be similar changes to the rest of the liturgical life in english speaking countries. I am particularly interested in the Roman Ritual and the Liturgy of the Hours. I use both of these to catechize from, and it would be great to know if I could get my hands on a study copy of at least the Ritual. I had a copy of “Catholic Rites Today” put out by Liturgy Press that I use all the time, but I am wondering if it is going to be made obsolete by the changes. If not will we be saying “And with your Spirit” at Mass and “And also with you” during baptisms?

Can anyone shed some light on this, preferable with links? Thanks!

Good questions. Many of these current responses are used in Anglican and Lutheran services as well.

Is this what you want?

My understanding is that there is an expectation that these translations will eventually been revised, but nothing has even been begun yet on that front. I would think it is extremely unlikely that anything could be finalized within the next five years – probably more like ten or fifteen. I would guess (and this is an uneducated guess) that changes to translations won’t even be started until the next time a new editio typica is promulgated, just like the process of working up the new Mass translations really started with the third edition of the Roman Missal.

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