New trend of worship in the church?

Hi, I am from Uganda and I can describe myself as a traditional Catholic, (if such a thing exists). I prefer to go to a Church where traditional hymns are sung with good organ music playing in the background. This is how I have prayed all my life, but theres a new trend in the way we worship in most parishes here in Uganda. Keyboards are replacing organs and Church sounds like a night club sometimes with heavy beats. People are taking to shouting and closing their eyes while raising their arms up to heaven. I know that this is how evangelicals and Charismatics pray, and I have no problem with people who want to pray like that. My concern is that the traditional Catholic way of worship which I find fulfilling and not a distraction is being put aside for this approach. How can we reverse these trends?

Look around for like minded people and priests and try to organize a regular liturgy celebrated along the cultural norms you prefer. You don’t have to defeat the new guys for that. Just carve a niche for people who prefer the old ways.

Probably a first step would be to train some Church organists, and make it worth their while to learn. It is difficult to impossible to find a substitute organist if the regular one is away. And I think a significant number of the “organists” don’t use their feet.

I know how you feel. But dont be discourage.

scroll down until you find return to reverence and Sacred Liturgy. It is very encouraging to us.

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