New TSA fees to make airfare more expensive starting tomorrow


Starting on July 1, the Transportation Security Administration — you know, the folks who are in charge of confiscating your shampoo at the airport and taking you aside for an “additional screening” — will more than double the mandatory fee they charge many flyers and will no longer cap these fees. Under the old law, the fee, which is used for flyer security, was $2.50 for each leg of a flight with a $5 cap on each one-way trip or a $10 cap on each round trip. But beginning July 1, the fee is $5.60 for each leg of a flight and that is not capped; if your layover is more than four hours on a domestic flight or 12 hours for international destinations, that counts as a second leg of the flight and you will be charged an additional fee.

While that may not sound like a lot, consider what this could mean for your wallet. If you book a domestic round trip flight and have two total connections (and the layover is four hours or more during each connection), you’ll end up shelling out nearly $25 to the TSA. That jacks up the average domestic airline ticket price by more than 5%.

Hope the TSA will hire more thousands to stay around. It’s time to decentralize airport security screening and give the responsibilities back to the airport authority. Obamanomics at work: more taxes on the middle class.


Hey MugenOne.

Thanks for the heads up. Love your signatures. One I’d like to add: the constantly changing of laws in a country is a sure sign of instability in its government. - The General.



As long as the public can put up with TSA screening, they will continue doing it. Maybe now when they realize someone will be paying for it, they will reconsider? I doubt it.


Only rich people fly, because the president would never break his promise not to raise taxes by one dime on the middle class. Just ask the doctor you used to have before your insurance plan dropped him.


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