New TV show urges you: 'Be One of Satan's Tools'

Yep, that is right. SATAN. :mad:

New TV show urges you: ‘Be One of Satan’s Tools’
‘Reaper’ has ‘20-something slacker’ bringing escaped souls back to hell
Posted: September 25, 2007

The devil is full of fun and hilarious hijinks on a new show debuting tonight on the CW Television Network that urges viewers to “be one of Satan’s tools.”

“Reaper,” airing at 9 p.m. Eastern and Pacific, revolves around a “20-something slacker” named Sam Oliver, played by Bret Harrison, who has an unexpected encounter with Satan while driving on a neighborhood street.

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Why am I not surprised? :mad:

Considering what I mean when I call someone a “tool” I can’t wait to see who wants to be one of Satan’s.

**HAHAHAHA:clapping: **



I’d say the person who thought this show up is a “tool.”

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