New type of Marriage in Islam.

Yesterday in our Saudi TV, they were discussing a new type of marriage we have, called “Msyar” which is authorized in Saudi Arabia, where the man can drive by the women’s house to perform sex then leaves for his original house, I heard a really frustrating story where a man married through Msyar marriage a women at around 6:00pm then divorced her at 10:00pm of the same day, how is that nice, a four hours sex marriage!, it was really a sad story to hear, and the problem that they were discussing that in our main TV channel, now every brainwashed man will run to make the same thing, what type of sex religion is that. :mad::banghead:

That is either a legalization of adultery or reshaping the supposed to be law of God given in the Quran.

I looked at the link made available, and it was all in Arabic. So, I can’t give a decent answer othere than I agree with the previous post.

Sorry, here is an English one:

"one can note that wealthy Arab men sometimes enter into a Misyar marriage while on vacation, in order to have sexual relations with another woman without committing the sin of zina. They usually divorce the women once their holiday is over."

The payment by the husband to his wife of Mahr in the amount that is agreed

hum…or legalized prostitution.

isn’t it great that there is a “divine revelation” pronto for every sexual need you have ? you can put it under Allah’s mercy .:wink:

This is what I was meaning with this post :

I have read something about Divorce in a Islam forum, and I was very revolted and shocked

In that forum I talk about a references, because I was thinking also in the west and not only in the east

In the west divorce and abortion and all that modern things is what makes people think about Catholic Church as a retrograde

I didn’t explain that very well

there is no GOOD or EVIL without a reference, much like Einstein relativism theory

You are GOOD or EVIL related to what ? what’s your reference ?

So GOD is the reference, His Words and Goodness is immutable

Catholic Church can’t accept Divorce or Abortion or anything that is considered to be Modern or High Tech and it is against God

So it is not the Church that is retrograde, is God that is very old, I mean : He is eternal


Will you fall for anything?

The scholars of Islam, including those in Saudi Arabia have shown that there is no basis in Islam for this thing (which I refuse to call a marriage), and that the behavior of someone engaging in it is outside of Islam.

Seriously… :rolleyes:

Hi Sam,

It took me about 4 hours to attempt to read up on this. I don’t know Arabic and attempting to discern the meaning behind lengthy articles makes my head feel as though it’s filled with rocks.

Let me break it down, as I’ve come to understand it. I’d appreciate any corrections, as there’s almost no information in English/Spanish/French and I’m positive that I have some things wrong.

Mysar is a sunni innovation of the shi’a temporary marriage (the American television program 60 minutes had a segment devoted to this, years ago, as it exists in Iran). This article discusses it.

Basically, as I gather, mysar is a sunni version of mutah, with a few differences. It appears to be a contract for legal sexual intercourse in which the female party remains in her father’s house. It immunizes the male party from child support and alimony obligations, and likewise brings no guarantee of visitation rights should the woman conceive. Either party can “divorce” at will, with no strings attached, or they can progress to a regular marriage.

Most interesting is the fact that mysar can theoretically last a lifetime, or for a half hour. There is no set expiration date, as there is in mutah.

Interesting to note that there’s a very prominent religious leader named Sheik Mini who is endorsing this as he feels it is some sort of good progressive idea. I think he should quit watching Baywatch and attempting to ape hedonistic North Americans, but I suppose we all have a different view on such things. :stuck_out_tongue:

Marriage just for sex, so muslim woman are sex slave ?? Kinda of weird to me, but i rather not judge them ,coz i know nothing about islam and not any point of time am interested with lslamic teaching

The word mysar is interesting. It apparently means something like “convincing” or “persuasion”. In the context of some of the sentences I read it almost seemed like “dating” or “courting”?

I came to see this in context as the best effort of Saudis to try and frame what’s going on socially in religious terms, as best they could. Young people in the 17-22 age group in the West run around with each other and have sex before marriage. I’m sure it happens there too. They’re just extending the “marriage” boundaries where we still see “going steady”.

don’t be sad brother.i am also from muslim family in bangladesh u know that.actually my previous religion and its ppl muslims are very abusive!do you know the system of hilla?(1 night marriege for a divorced woman)it was common here.but now govt take steps and its going to stop.if any man give talaq(divorce) to his wife then the imam’s forced the woman for 1 night marriage&sex wit other man then return to her husband.and its really horrible also!

Among those who approve misyar is prominent Saudi scholar Shaikh Abdullah Bin Sulaiman Bin Menie. A member of the Supreme Ulema Council, Shaikh Menie says misyar is legal since it meets the requirements for a lawful marriage under Islam.” :banghead:

the behavior of someone engaging in it is outside of Islam.

Well its hard to say that is outside of Islam, however, its good to find a Muslim who opposes such ridiculous Marriage, and I hope once you are here in Saudi Arabia, to use your power as “Sheikha” :wink: to convince those sex driven Sheikhs to issue a Fatwa condemning such act, because our women in Islam became nothing but a sex toy.:mad:

I think these links present both sides of this within islam.

Honestly, I’m rather disgusted with the view this thread has given regarding marriage in Islam. Women are not sex toys–I take offense at the comment–and sheikhs are not sex driven–another comment at which I take issue.

What Sam presented above is total nonsense, and we can all see that in no society should that pass for a legal marriage.

If you want to read about what a “Misyar” marriage is, and rights of a woman in marriage, you’re welcome to read these links.
Misyar Marriage
Conditions of a Valid Marriage
Marriage in Secret
Marriage with the Intention of Divorce

And Please read this one:
The Philosophy of Marriage in Islam

And this one, which is by a prominent Saudi scholar
Ruling on Mut’ah (temporary) marriage
He calls it “zinaa” which means adultery or fornication–something totally prohibited in Islam.

There is a fatwa - religious opinion - about Misyaar marriage:

Maybe someone can translate, I only can see scrawls with points

And this one, which is by a prominent Saudi scholar
Ruling on Mut’ah (temporary) marriage
He calls it “zinaa” which means adultery or fornication–something totally prohibited in Islam.

Nice, but why Saudi Arabia being the cradle of islam permits that ?

I think that each scholar has their own interpretation, nothing consensual

What it says the fatwa ?

While I was reading up on this stuff last night I talked to a friend of mine from Egypt. When I asked him to translate a sentence I didn’t understand he was kind enough to inform me that the temporary marriage has taken off in his country too, in a huge and controversial way. :frowning:

It’s not just Saudi Arabia. Amy’s right in that it isn’t accepted by all Muslims (I know one who doesn’t dig the idea) but it is something that’s being allowed, de facto, regardless of conflicting rulings by the scholars.

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