"New UK Bishop Asks For Prayers to Make Him 'Orthodox' and 'Courageous."

In his installation homily as the new Bishop of Portsmouth in the UK, he signaled his special loyalty to the Pope and his intention of taking what would be a new direction for a bishop in his country, of opposing the culture of death there.
ere.see www.lifesitenews.com/news/new-uk-bishop-asks-for-prayers-to-make-him-orthodox-and-courageous/

Prayers sent for him.

I hope the Anglicans choose the same type of man to be the next ABp of Cantebury in the coming weeks.

This is such a beautiful thing to do to ask for prayers that he may be orthodox and courageous. Something that is greatly needed in these trying times of secularism running rampant.

God bless this good Bishop and may he serve for many years. :gopray:

Make him orthodox or keep him orthodox? I would hope he was orthodox before they made him a bishop. :eek:

God bless this holy Bishop!

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