New Version of "Pillar of Fire" needed

I’ve always liked Catholic Answers “Pillar of Fire” pamphlet as a way to spark conversation and dialogue with Protestants, but - in my opinion - it’s basically worthless for reaching non-Christians (e.g., Jews, Muslims & other religions) or “unchurched” Christians, for whom the Bible verses are essentially meaningless.

Catholic Answers needs to publish a similar short pamphlet as a bridge for outreach and conversation with people who are non-Christians.

Here’s a link to the huge volume of tracts CA puts out. At my local Catholic Shoppe, they have a full set - they include exactly what you’re looking for. There are tracts for JW’s, LDS, Fundimentalists, Muslims, etc. I think this is what you want…


They have an excellent outreach brochure called "God’s Love For You"

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