New Video on Catholicism from the Evangelical Lutheran Church


It is called “Understanding the Roman Catholic Church”.

Have a look and see what they are saying about us! :thumbsup:


That is a good representative of the Catholic Church coming from our Lutheran brothers and sisters.

No bias view on the CC at all.


I’m blown away, what a great piece!:extrahappy:

I didn’t see any angle except unity! Reach out to your nearest Lutheran and give them a huge hug!

(easy for me, she shares my name :thumbsup: )



How we wish there’s more like this out there, then it wouldn’t be a war zone everytime we discuss various issues.


Wonderful video! Thanks for the link!


Great piece! I wish I could have seen this type of info before. But am thankful that His Grace brought me home to the Catholic Church anyway. Amen and Amen ! D


i truly like it .great:thumbsup:


Very happy to see this. Of course, we’re not really “the largest Christian denomination,” we’re the one, holy catholic and apostolic Church.


I thought the video was very well done. After seeing all sorts of deceptively created pieces from “Fundamentalists,” I was somewhat skeptical.

I also find it ironic that the Lutherans, of all people, are doing more to bring greater unity. I just get the sense that a reversal of the Reformation is taking place. Let’s all pray!

As more and more Protestant ministers and pastors convert to the Catholic faith, vocations appear to be on the rise, and the laity are becoming more active, it’s hard to ignore the realities taking place. Our Holy Church is on the move!

God bless the ELCA for a charitable, honest, and hopeful video!

(This is practically an evangelism tool for the Catholic Church)


I hate to rain on your parade but this is the same church that ordains women, considers homosexuality a valid lifestyle and provides for elective abortion in the denominational healthcare plan for church workers.


I know but the point is that they did the Catholic Church OUR Church great justice through their video, when there is so much hate mail out there about us.


I knew it would happen sooner or later. And some of your statements are a stretch of the truth, I believe, but fairly typical of SOME Catholic thoughts toward Protestants.

Nice, Steadfast.

We now return you to your normal CAF board posts…


Sometimes you have to eat the meat and spit out the bones. I’m sure that many Lutherans will be more open to the Catholic Church as a result of this video.


All I am saying is that it would be a lot more significant if it was a product of the LCMS rather than the ecumaniacs in the ELCA.

Which statements of mine are “a stretch of the truth”?


Some Catholics thinking on these matters have been tempered by other ELCA groups like these rather happy womyn:


Here is their website.

This is about as wacky as it gets, folks.


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To be fair though, this is a single congregation in an extremely liberal district. The vast majority of ELCA congregations are not like this.

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